Are you a great kisser or bad blister?
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Are you a great kisser or bad blister?

Have you always wondered if you were a good kisser or not? If so, this is the quiz for you. Even if you don't really care, you can just take this quiz for the heck of it...

Question 1:Have you ever bit somebody while kissing?
Yeah, but it was an accident... I was to excited, alright?!
No, I don't hurt my partner/partners!
Well, yeah... But he/she deserved it!

Question 2:When you see a boy or a girl licking ice cream, does it remind you of kissing?
It is how they lick it.
Of course.... What other thing would it remind me of?
What does ice cream have to do with kissing?

Question 3:Your friend is 'making out' with her boyfriend. You look at your boyfriend and..
Kiss him intensely
Try to kiss him but bite him..... It was an accident.
Well, he has to make the first move...

Question 4:Has anyone ever told you that you were a great kisser?
Of course, my bf/gf tells me that all the time!
Not really, but I haven't been told otherwise...
No, I haven't kissed anyone yet.

Question 5:You are at a make-out party. You get picked to go with Zack/Sarah. He/she says...
nothing... Just grabs me and rushes to the closet
"EW! Can you please pick again!?"
"ok. It is better than..."

Question 6:You're in French class, and your teacher is asking everyone what things originated from
Raise your hand and say "french fries."
You quickly raise your hand and yell out "French kissing!"
Think about saying french kissing but you're too embarrassed to say that in front of the class.

Question 7:You're in health class and you guys are talking about sex. The first thing you think of is...
Cool... I think I am going to like a class for once.
Why would I want to think about...... I can't even say the word!
It is ok. I mean it is better than learning about "other" things.

Question 8:You, your bf/gf and your good friends are sitting on a couch watching the MTV Awards. The next award is for best kiss on television. You...
tell your bf/gf that we should win that award...; )
lean over and kiss your bf/gf tenderly.
just watch the winners and wonder why MTV would want you to watch other people make out...

Question 9:you think about your first kiss....
Hey! I wouldn't think of that..... After that the person I kissed said I was horrible!
Wow... I could think of THAT all day.....
Uh....... Kiss? at this age? I haven't kissed yet.

Question 10:Your bf/gf is chewing on their straw at the movies. You wonder if they're thinking of kissing...Do you...
Ask them. They probably think the movie is boring anyway...
Wait for them to bring up kissing. Or maybe you just don't wanna kiss anyway.
Lean over and kiss them. The worst that could happen is they slap you in front of the entire theater! I mean, that isn't so bad, is it?

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