Am I a Good Kisser? Quiz

Do you think you're a good kisser? We'd all like to believe so! To find out, you could ask the one(s) you've kissed and hope they tell the truth - or you could just take this test! I mean, how embarrassing if you ask them and they tell you no, right? Don't worry, if you're not a good kisser, I won't tell anyone...but I bet you are good.

  • 1/10
    Have you ever kissed/been kissed by someone (on the lips)?

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3 days ago
This is the best quiz
33 days ago
You got the second-highest score!

So that means that, chances are, you're a good kisser! Based on what you choose, you might want to switch up some things. But apart from that, good job. Keep them lovin' lips going strong!
130 days ago
I got an OK but i have never kissed someone before so i'm actually quite surprised but why ask have u ever kissed someone when the next question is when he/she kissed you what happened? (no hate intended) i loved this quiz!
138 days ago
I got second best kisser I’m happy with that and only had my first kiss 2 months ago but yeah good test
305 days ago
bye I got an O.K and I never kissed, I was expecting ultimate trash or something xD
322 days ago
You're obviously a good kisser. You seem to really instinctively know what you're doing.

thats what my partner said after we made out for the first time :')
401 days ago
I have a crush on this girl named gia and I wanted to see if I a girl a kisser and I got a %100, hopefully she likes me because I play baseball Andy she plays softball ⚾️🥎❤️
413 days ago
437 days ago
I never kissed anybody or went on a date
460 days ago
I never kiss any one.
490 days ago
I got best kisser I'm happy with that :)
501 days ago
Second highest!!!💋💋
502 days ago
I got an o.k kisser any one else with that
509 days ago
hey second highest, im cool with that
510 days ago
i haven't kissed anyone one the lips
522 days ago
I got an O.K. kisser.
547 days ago
I've only kissed one person not long ago but we ended up making out for like an hour so idk
550 days ago
When I Han my first kiss it felt awkward but he is still my crush 😳
555 days ago
2nd best kisser sooo i guess im good?
563 days ago
My boyfriend just broke up with me and I'm devastated so… yeah. *cries* I hate my lif