When Will My First Kiss Be?

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When a special someone first lays one on your lips, will you be 12? 15? 18? Or older or younger? We know you can't wait to find out, so take this quiz now! Btw, there will only be one first kiss, so make it count, OK? No need to rush it. You want it to be memorable in a GOOD way!

  • 1
    Hey! So have you been kissed yet?
  • 2
    Where do you want your first kiss to happen?
    Where do you want your first kiss to happen?
  • 3
    How long do you want your first kiss to be?

  • 4
    When do you want your first kiss to happen?
  • 5
    How fast do you take a relationship?
  • 6
    How would you describe your crush?

  • 7
    Will you (or she) be wearing lip gloss?
  • 8
    Have all your friends already been kissed?
  • 9
    Are you giving up hope you'll ever get that kiss?
  • 10
    Are you willing to lower your attractiveness standards just to get your first kiss sooner?

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Had 2 Ex's and I'm 12...Help! These girls came up to me and saw i was single and said if i could be their bf, i knew they went straight up using me for my money as i have to much so i decided to record them using me and sent it. on Tik Tok with my 44k followers xD best payback i ever did o.O
Whoever said to wear makeup if your a girl... Your so wrong...When boys like me see girls w/ makeup...its just wrong to me if my gf were to wear any makeup oh boy....
4 days ago
Mines says 10-12....im already 16...
5 days ago
My one is 16 to 18 I'm 15
8 days ago
I’m getting my first kiss when I’m 16 to 18
13 days ago
Mine says 11 or 12 I’m thirteen lol 😂
13 days ago
Look I am single but If you want any advice I got you.
1.dress pretty
2.brush your teeth
3.pick up lion
4.(for boys) are you a fish cuz your a catch or are you a liszeart cuz I'm a eagle
5.(For girls)go with a trusted friend (if you have any)
6.(for girls)were make up
7.play what ever they what so they can come and play with you
8.start playing together
9.go private (I don't like this one)
10.kiss them and say............PRANKKKKKKKKKK
Ok but not the prank
Call me 986282596
13 days ago
It says 10_11 I am almost 11 and I'm ten right now...(moment of silence) GOD PLEASE HELP I DONT WHAT TO WHYYY!!
14 days ago
mine says 10-12 and i am 12... god pls help me i am scared can yall help me
14 days ago
oh and for those ppl saying they got like 10-12 but they’re actually older than that, it’s not necessary to rely on some quiz to tell/predict when you’ll have your first time. time’ll only tell, go with the flow and see what happens next, cuz what happens, happens. and there’s that right time for something to finally happen
14 days ago
i had 10-12 but really had my first when i was 5 with my crush. but sure, considering the circumstances i have now, i probably wouldn’t have my first up until now if it weren’t from before. im currently 14 though, guess just have to be lucky and contented from getting at it at 5’-‘
14 days ago
It says 10-12 . I am already 15 .what the heck is this quiz
16 days ago
Mine says 16-18 I'm oki with that bc I want to take my relationship slowly and I'm not too desperate but I am desperate
Ya know 😂
20 days ago
I wanna get my first kiss and I’m pretty sure my crush knows I like him and likes me back. I want it to be like kinda short. But IM SCARED ya’ll got any advice?
20 days ago
I'm 13😔
Why am I taking this test? Nobody will ever like me
22 days ago
it says 10-12

lucky me! I'm 10 (nearly 11)
28 days ago
It said 10-12 Lol I'm 13
31 days ago
Lol it says 10-12 bruh im already 14
36 days ago
haha..im 15 and the result is between 12-13 ;(
39 days ago
It said I'll be 10-12
And I'm 11, turning 12 in less than three months :0
I hope it's worth it :D