When Will My First Kiss Be? Quiz

When a special someone first lays one on your lips, will you be 12? 15? 18? Or older or younger? We know you can't wait to find out, so take this quiz now! Btw, there will only be one first kiss, so make it count, OK? No need to rush it. You want it to be memorable in a GOOD way!

  • 1
    Hey! So have you been kissed yet?
  • 2
    Where do you want your first kiss to happen?
    Where do you want your first kiss to happen?
  • 3
    How long do you want your first kiss to be?

  • 4
    When do you want your first kiss to happen?
  • 5
    How fast do you take a relationship?
  • 6
    How would you describe your crush?

  • 7
    Will you (or she) be wearing lip gloss?
  • 8
    Have all your friends already been kissed?
  • 9
    Are you giving up hope you'll ever get that kiss?
  • 10
    Are you willing to lower your attractiveness standards just to get your first kiss sooner?

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6 days ago
I got 10-12 I am 12 RN... OMG!!!!
6 days ago
9 days ago
Good! You should bever be insecure. I know its not a switch you can turn off and everybody has insecurities to some extent.
Remember that you are beutiful and loved. You may never get that dreamy first kiss or romantic happy ever after.
But thays okay because you dont need a significant other to be whole, happy, loved, or awesome. You already are! God loves you girl! (And guys!) an i love you because God does. -3
Love all ya'll and God bless!
21 days ago
I didn't get my hopes up because I am only nine and normally unsure about myself! I was so glad about my result! 🤩😍
23 days ago
I got 16-18 and i am 14 so i hope soooooon. I kissed a boy on the cheek when i was seven. He was a good friend of mine. We never really talked about it afterward. If we had maybe we would have been more....
We were both seven at the time though and i knew i'd get whooped if my parents found out. They did eventually in a year or two. I laugh avout the way they found out now, but i mean, does that count as a kiss? Cause u thibk this means a lips kiss.
23 days ago
I have a cute crush. He actually lives next door and is my brother's BFF. I am almost 90% sure he likes me, but then other times, i think he picks on me to be mean. But maybe thats BECAUSE he likes me. He is nice to me when my brother isn't around, which makes sense because he would always tell us to kiss, that we should date, and he even teased us once saying, "i expect twins"! In a funny aspect, we looked at each other (completely in sync) and said AT THE EXACT SAME TIME, "twins?????" I kinda laugh at it now but i play the game so well i dont think he'd make the first move. Even though we like to play the flirting games, i am not sure hes convinced i like him.
What do i do????
23 days ago
I got 10-12. I am thirteen. :P
This is not totally accurate. But then again, it is a general estimate based on your answer and also i think that this test is meant for te youngers. :(
26 days ago
I’m not sure about the accuracy of this quiz. I got 10-12 and I’m nearly 15.
But anyway who has their first kiss at 10?! That’s literally a little kid 😂
29 days ago
I got 12-14 and i'm 24 i still haven't gotten my first kiss
44 days ago
hey evelyn is your last name castro
44 days ago
it says tommorow so if anyone wanna slip under the sheets give me your adress
57 days ago
i got 10 -12 im 14 like um ok u useless twat...
59 days ago
I got 10-12 and I'm 13. Honestly, I don't think this is super accurate xD I'm probably not gonna kiss anyone while I'm still in middle school but you never know.
59 days ago
16-18 & im 11 so no way im waiting that long
77 days ago
Mine says 19+…… but i had my first kiss years ago and i’m 15 soo all i’m saying is don’t trust it
89 days ago
Hey Evelyn you want to friends?
89 days ago
I got 16-18 and I'm only 10
90 days ago
I apparently will get it when I'm ten to twelve. I'm nine right now. So soon...
93 days ago
ikr i got 10 to 12 and im 13 lol
94 days ago
10-12? I’m 14 loll