What will my first kiss be like?

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  • 1
    Let's get right in there, Do you have a boyfriend or a girlfriend?
  • 2
    How old are you?
  • 3
    What is you "kisser's" personality?

  • 4
    Lips, wet or dry?
  • 5
    What is your favorite kissing position?
  • 6
    How fast moving are your relationships?

  • 7
    Are you a shy or outgoing person?
  • 8
    How do you like (or think you would like) your kisses?
  • 9
    Do you have anyone at school or college or work or whatever that you like and could have a shot with?
  • 10
    A guy you know from school, comes up to you, asks you out and then goes in for the kiss, what do you do?

  • 11
    What is your favourite eye colour?
  • 12
    Hope you enjoyed the quiz!

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112 days ago
My kiss will be passionate and meaningful🤗🥰
135 days ago
When I sww the question that said where is your fav kissing position I was like: how should I answer this if I have never kissed anyone!!!
288 days ago
It said I will have a good and passionate kiss. There is a cute boy in my class. I asked him to be my valentine on Valentine’s Day, he said yes! 🥰😘 Uuuuhhhh I really want to kiss him right now, but we’re in quarantine !
400 days ago
I wanna kiss my crush wat do I I do
400 days ago
;-;my crush walked away when I told her I like her and recently shes been wanting me to sit next to her and shuffled a bit closer ;-;
400 days ago
I have a crush on s girl I told her I like her does that mean she likes me?
766 days ago
Hey,its alright but am not a very good kisser.
784 days ago
hey peeps my kiss was amazing thanks to this website
800 days ago
Sounds about right, well it already happened.
840 days ago
Good probably not real but ya no u got to try it out rlly fun as well
858 days ago
I have only just broke up with my boyfriend and he was a Jake and everyone keeps on saying that I still like him but one of my friends kicked in his previous he deserved it !!!
947 days ago
hi #foreverlovedbysomeone

Hi... ummm it’s me, yeah. I still haven’t had my first kiss yet but after awhile when you get over tagged crush or break up with your boyfriend awhile after that’s I had better self confidence and peace, I learned that I leaned on my boyfriend too much I got into things like deamons more Andrew my life went a little down hill but I don’t think it was a health relationship anyway there just wasn’t that spark he was also just really self absorbed so what did I learn? You don’t need that person it’s great to be around them but don’t Alawys expect things to turn out amazingly well and really consider is this person I want to share my memories with and create new ones, like your first kiss but make sure to focus on yourself as well take care of yourself before the other person make sure your happy and if you find something your just the slightest bit unhappy with talk about it anyways peace out ✌🏻 Andy I hope this helped
994 days ago
It said well done I am a good kisser i need more practice. It was great and slow.
1023 days ago
What will my first kiss be like?

It was good I guess, it could of gone a lot better than that, but hey your still learning aren't you! It was still a good kiss though, worth it! Happy kissing!

I have never been kissed. 🙄
1061 days ago
My first kiss was when I was 10 year old I really loved him but.....I had to MOVE away from him coz I mum did not like the area we were in so now I haven’t seen him since 2015-2016
1062 days ago
Ooohhh yessss m. I can’t wait!!
1093 days ago
I'm wondering how to reeeeaaalllly tell if a guy likes you. Like is he shy or does he actually like me back.
1095 days ago
I like this guy at my school and he likes my best friend so..... its going well though hopefully hes really cute and mysterious I love it XD
1098 days ago
Btw this was yesterday
1098 days ago
This guy I really liked told me after school to meet hi, by a stairway next to the bathroom at first I went to the stair way door looking for him I felt a hand grab my wrist he pulled my into a bathroom stall and we basically made out and that’s super funny because I took this quiz not long before this happend! I think this toattly works🤤💝😜😁