When will your first kiss be?

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This quiz is suitable for most people but generally this test works better for the people who have crushes or Boyfriend/Girlfriends Well here goes!

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    What sort of boy/girl do you like?

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507 days ago
Johan, btw means by the way
635 days ago
I'm 13
I'm starting to like this girl, Ella
She's way out of my league
She's popular
But I'm seen as one of the quiet smart kids
I've been in 2 relationships in the past month but obviously they didn't last
I'm tired of waiting, I'm tired of being alone
My name is Caelan(Wierd name I know)
If anyone i know reads this, help
695 days ago
Hi i just have a qeaston could somebodie tell me what (btw)means?? It's meantiond in the coments below thanx :)
695 days ago
hi viking hear responding to Jack Woods i have but one tip have you Tryed acting mysterius at your homeschool gatherings it realley helps also aviator glasses Help oh And just in case any of the spelling was wrong my abaliges auto corect often hates me
695 days ago
It says i have to wait till highscool but i an homescooled so it is harder to meet people so i dont know what to di does anybodey have any tips?
698 days ago
plsssssssssssssssssssssss i want a kisssssssssssssss soooooooooon i am indian 12 year old beautiful, smart but not nerdy 4-5 ppl have a crush on me yet i am single ( i am a girl btw) i am really popular in my condominium yet i do not have a bf pls help me( desperate)
700 days ago
Cool cat same!I wish I wasn’t roleplaying as Harry right now...
763 days ago
i have a crush on this boy, imma call him g cause thats the first letter of his name. so he is real cute and i like him alot. i honestly have no idea if he likes me or not. What do i do??????
852 days ago
Im only 10 and have had 3 bfs 2 girl crushs and 5 boy crushs (im a girl
872 days ago
When he says hi to me im like somebody catch me as i fall!
872 days ago
ummm i hve a crush and im 9 he's so cute!
880 days ago
All the boys that I know, might have liked me but I want her! And no one knows... :(
914 days ago
Ummm... I'm already in high school and I have a boyfriend....
915 days ago
Says it'll be in high school....
Me: bruh... I can just gets me a man and a kiss rn😎
Boys in my school: MEEEEEE CHOOSE MEEEE
😹😹😹.but no seriously not joking about that....😅
928 days ago
@ Abi
I would advise you to tell an adult about this. You can also tell them that if they hurt each other then you would not even considr dating either of them or you can tell them that you dont like violent guys
941 days ago
I need some advice pls. So the other day one boy decided he liked me and he told his friend and he liked me to so tomorrow they are gonna have an all out war punching and beeding and i dunno how to stop it.
1032 days ago
Lol i t says that I'm in a relationship, and need to wait till high school. I have a crush, but no relationship! And Fran, I'm not the best at this kind of issue, but I think that you should be yourself, and if you have a best friend who you really trust, you can tell them about it! And since you and your friends like this guy, it might be a good idea to find someone to talk about it with, and wait and see what happens. I'm sorry about your problem, and I hope that this helps. Good luck!
1050 days ago
PLZ i really need some advice...

So there is this guy who went to my primary school (i'm British btw) and i like, really like him and at the end of year 6 i felt that he kinda liked me but i wasn't sure. Also, my friend was dating him then but it wasn't really a real relationship, which is ok. We have all now moved up to secondary school and we are both in different classes and we're only in maths 2gether. My friend broke up with him coz she liked another guy, but i feel like she still sort of likes him. also, my other friend used to like him but said she stopped after our friend started dating, but they are not anymore so she might still like him. anyway, i don't know if i should even tell my friends if i like him in case they will get mad. i really want to know if he likes me but i am afraid that he has forgotten about me. PLEASE HELP ME COZ I AM SOO CONFUSION!!!!!!!
1072 days ago
it says I have to wait till high school
1112 days ago
This just gives a random answer lol. I said I'm single but in the answer, it said about me being in a relationship