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It's been said there's no such thing as bad pizza. It's pizza - can't lose, because pizza is just awesome, right? Unfortunately, you can't always say the same thing about kissing. The feels leading up to a kiss are usually amazing, but too often, the kiss is anything but. A bad kiss kills a good vibe every time. *Screech!*
Now, if you haven't been kissed much or at all yet, don't let the bad kiss possibilities worry you. There are gifted people out there who'll touch your lips with theirs in a way that will leave you shook in a very good way. In fact, you'll spend hours, days, weeks or months - maybe YEARS - thinking about a certain lip-lock you ended up in. You can't plan it, so just know it WILL happen.
Meanwhile, you might have wondered if you, yourself, are a stellar kisser, and want an objective opinion. This section has more than 30 quizzes about kissing as it relates to Y-O-U. There are tests on your technique, as well as some related topics, like "Should I Kiss Him?" "When Will My First Kiss Be?" and such. Hope they help, and best of luck in your kissing quests!

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1278 days ago
Wolfie girl, Iโ€™m bisexual by the way. The best way I try to get over breakups that I think about a lot is, I know how dumb this sounds but for me it helps. Try to call or text her/him and try to see if you can work things out, maybe discuss why you broke up or just try being friends with them. Thereโ€™s my advice!, I hope that helps!!
1292 days ago
My girlfriend broke up with me like a month ago and I'm still not over her what should I do (dont think this matters but is anyone else here lesbian)
1294 days ago
I have an amazing boyfriend and we kiss all the time but sometimes I have second thoughts about it like should we be doing thing and is this real
1831 days ago
Oh. Wow. Donโ€™t make assumptions kk! Your choice on rather to do whatever.
1837 days ago
Kissing a man feels weird but I never tried to kiss a woman
1909 days ago
Well they told me to kiss him.... but we never talk and he DEF likes me. So what should I do? ๐Ÿ˜๐Ÿ‘Œ๐Ÿค™๐Ÿ™‚โœŒ๏ธ
1939 days ago
Didn't help I am dating him and the quiz said that I souls try for someone else
1944 days ago
OMG!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! My crush JUST kissed me! On. The. Lips. WE ARE A COUPLE. Thank you 4 ur advise!!!!!!!
1944 days ago
These tests have been helpful. I hope I get enough courage to kiss him. He just told me he likes me and that he broke up w\ his g-friend (NOT BECAUSE OF ME) But after he told me he had a g-friend I stopped liking him buuuuuutโ€ฆโ€ฆ.

Girl online, going offline xxoo

p.s. His name is Bryson.
1945 days ago
1958 days ago
So i have a crush called Alfie he is soooooo hot but...

Rhianon (my bff) and Alfie are boyfriend and girlfriend also my other bff called Kaitlan has a boyfriend too called Ben (were only 10!!!)
But now i have a crush on a boy called Jake. he's hotter than Alfie and Ben
(and single!!!)

1997 days ago
I think this website is amazing! Thanks for everything Iโ€™m going to make the first move tomorrow with a note. I donโ€™t want to talk to him so Iโ€™m giving him a note to tell him do you want to be friends? One time his friends said you have a crush on Amaris? Maybe he does have a crush on me or they were just kidding.
2024 days ago
I have a boyfriend and he kind of stares at me. But he is so cute!
2027 days ago
Methanol asked me to be his valentine...girls,same?
2027 days ago
Bad news......
I so cheated on him in the auditorium I kissed this other kid named Conner and I don't know if to tell my boyfriend Nethanel or not.I think he'll take it ...he is a calm kid.Goin' to his house tomorrow night.Sexy's in for a whole day worth fun ;P
2027 days ago
I had๐Ÿ˜˜with my crush in our school basement at lunch...true story...even though I am 8 I have a boyfriend that is as hot as hell!!!!!!He so likes me back.He came to my house on Sunday as a sleepover and we were put in the same room.My parents went to sleep and that was my first kiss!!!!!!!!!
2059 days ago
this is a total liar becuase he aready has 2 girlfreinds i even hate him.if i add 1 more girlfreind i will be 3
2079 days ago
These test are stupid because if you just go back and put in the exact same answers it will give you a total different result
2089 days ago
So I have a crush...he likes me back., his name is Micheal Diconstazo and I am soooo heartbroken...
But it's only cos he's moving to a new school next year. That year five BTW(By The Way).
And also we danced at the school dance together in year 3...ahhh...
P.S.Once he tried to even kiss me!!!! It was at his friend's Christian's party(he invited me! It's obvi only cos Micheal persuaded him to, though)and he tried to kiss me when we were bowling at strike but I dodged! UGH! If I didn't I could've had my first kiss when I was 9!!!!!! Cos I am 9 now.
2099 days ago