Should I Kiss Him? Quiz

It's for sure you want to kiss this guy. You're just SO attracted to him! You can hardly keep your hands to yourself when you're with him. Nice!

But should you kiss him now, or should you hang on and wait? Find out right now by taking my quiz!

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    Have you ever hugged him?
    Have you ever hugged him?

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5 days ago
31 days ago
Maybe just wait a little longer.

If you still feel something good and want to kiss her after waiting a little while, do it. But make sure it's a good moment. Neither of you will enjoy a forced kiss where you aren't feeling something good for each other.
59 days ago
Hey @faye yeah happens to meh too
I don’t rlly talk Abt it to anyone tho
This doesn’t rlly help i think
Sorry 😕
75 days ago
I started shaving when I was ten I’m 12 now. Basically it grows back fast usually but not that fast. Ask someone for help like a parent if it’s really worrying u. But being 12 now I realised none of my friends shave yet and it also made my skin real dry to I just shaved of the darker stuff trust me it’s better.
94 days ago

if you are only ten and have started shaving your legs, maybe just wait a bit longer to do it. the more you shave, the quicker/the darker the hair comes back. i am in high school and i dont do it, and am in no rush to at all. you have a whole life to do it, so why not wait longer?
124 days ago
ok i have a question completly unrelated but, im gon ask anyway. after i shave my legs the hair is always back in a matter of hours. help?
124 days ago
hi #blackpearl_pirate! im in th same situaion and i am also 10! im doing it on the first day of school. will you? also just dont tell your friwnds
124 days ago
thats it, im kissing him on th first day of school when i see him. oh wait no. my mom will be thre. at recess then lol
152 days ago
I really want to kiss my bf
But my friends will make a big deal out of it
Should I ask him if he wants to or should I just do it?????!!!!

(I am ten years old)
187 days ago
Kay girlie. I totally understand why you’re confused!!! This is my first crush, and I don’t have very many admirers, (if any :() so you’re lucky you’ve got maybe two!!! I say, wait it out. See if you continue liking F more. If you do, tell O you appreciate his friendship, and you’d like to stay friends, but you like someone else. Also, I’m probably suuuuuper late 😅 sorry!!!! I’ll be praying for you!!!!!
187 days ago
☁️ (23811) If you still need advice, go ahead!!! I’ll help as much as I can ;)
195 days ago
hi! so my boyfrien is tony and like we never hold hands but we hang out a lot and he asked me out on a date but then there was a huge storm here in ontario so we didnt go on the date but i asked him will u ever kiss me and he after asked me on the date so i think he wants to ek bye!
220 days ago
Thanks for advice but I went the other way totally
262 days ago
@23811 Girl go for O! You will realize he is cuter and stuff if you go for him! Since you guys are close that leads to a better relationship! P.S then you will have a story to tell if y'all get together!
264 days ago
I’m actually just gonna explain my complicated situation if you can help let me know. I’m 11 going on 12 this yr btw.

So last year I started at a new school. And I had two crushes to make it simpler let’s call the F a and O. Last year O told me he liked me. I liked him back but after O told me, everyone started talking and now a year later they haven’t stopped talking about “us”. a few days ago I asked O if he still liked me and he said he would only say if I told whether I liked him or not O said he still had a crush on my so I said that I had a crush on him. After that he keeps on sending me emoji’s with love hearts ♥️ on them.

We both swore to keep it a secret. I’m having mixed feelings about O some days I want him never to send my text or even to talk to me and some days I rlly rlly him so much! My other crush (F) is cuter and I like him more but O is better friends with me.

I’m rlly confused right now. What should I do I sorta wanna tell O that I don’t like him anymore but I don’t at the same time. Also one more thing Fs little sister told O that likes F likes me. Idk If that is true. What should I do! I’m soooo confused.
264 days ago
Hi I really need help with a problem with boys I’ll explain it if someone gives an indication that they’ll help. Please please please btw I’m going on 12 this year please please please
264 days ago
you have to kiss me cause I want to kiss you
264 days ago
✨, does this person like you back? You should make sure that, one, this person likes you back, and two, wants to kis you as well. I say this because if this person is like your best friend, you definitely don't want to ruin your friendship. If this person likes you back, but you don't know if they want to kiss you or would be ok with it, you can always try just going for it, and if it doesn't work out, just pass it off as a dare or something. Good luck!
277 days ago
Hey can u help me??
So he is like my best friend and I have known him for like 12 years and we aren't dating but she is really sweet and I really want to kiss her but I really need to know if the time is right cos if it isn't I see her in school lottery everyday so if she thinks I'm a photo it will be very awkward so ye pls help
295 days ago
Violet, tysm for responding!! As for your situation, you first of all should NOT ask his ex to ask him- that will cause a lot of drama. Second, I would wait just a liiiiittle bit longer to be in a relationship, because it sounds like you guys are pretty close, but he also said he "kinda" likes you. This is just my opinion based on the info u gave me though, so you should judge for yourself. And one last piece of advice- don't be too hasty or quick about this relationship, because it could make him uncomfortable. Have a great day/night!