Should I Kiss Him? Quiz

It's for sure you want to kiss this guy. You're just SO attracted to him! You can hardly keep your hands to yourself when you're with him. Nice!

But should you kiss him now, or should you hang on and wait? Find out right now by taking my quiz!

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    Have you ever hugged him?
    Have you ever hugged him?

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1597 days ago
He is in florida and im in Virginia my best friend was the one who told him I was so mad at her but I got over it
1600 days ago
This quiz actually works keep it up guys
1605 days ago
O hi Fresher yeah I go on loads of different quizzes.
1605 days ago
I didn't know you came on other quizes Demi
1611 days ago
HI, Oof that guy is totally not worth it if he's acting like that you need to get over him and find a boy that likes you no matter what anyone says but my advice is to try to talk to him about it first maybe his friends put him up to or something like that or maybe he didn't mean it but if he blocks you out again get over him DITTO bye.
1611 days ago
I totally feel you Someone I got the same answer
1626 days ago
I have known this guy all of my life we grew up together and we still live right next to eachother. He has told me before he did like me but whenever someone mentions it he denys and says he never liked me, he knows how i feel about him and i feel as if he feels the same way but i dont know if i should make a move or not because i dont want to make anything akward between us. Some please help mee
1687 days ago
This is REALLY confusing. You're getting in there?! What does that even mean?!? I WANT ANSWERS!!!!!!!!!!
1691 days ago
don't listen to this quiz guys! If you are in true love with your man, then dont believe the quiz if it says u dont. I love mine
1713 days ago
It said mabey just wait... we both confessed to eachother. Should I kiss him on the bus on Monday?
1724 days ago
it said that for me too What does that mean. we both openly like each other should i just do it?
1785 days ago
It says “ your getting there” 😑
1790 days ago
ARE YOU SERIOUS??!!!!????! I got dont kiss him...... i have already kissed him and he kissed me back!!! WOW REALLY ACCURATE QUIZ!!!!
1799 days ago
My eyes are tearing up now. 😢😔😯
1799 days ago
It gave me a don't think about it. I feel like my heart is broken. I feel like I've been punched in the stomach with a small but heavy wrecking ball.
1799 days ago
It said do not even think of kissing him so I am mad
1833 days ago
I hug him every day put yes
1838 days ago
This quiz isnt great, there are not enough options and everything is no specific. Needs a yes no and other option too.
1849 days ago
If you’ve been dating longer than 4 months and haven’t kissed make a move don’t wait for him I mean let’s be real you want your man to be happy with you but you can’t wait for the bird to fly forever right ?
1855 days ago
ive been dating for 5 years and he hasnt kissed me yet. but we have talked about it. idk what to do. i really want to kiss him.