Should I Kiss My Crush?

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This is a quiz that will tell you if you should kiss your crush. I'm 11 and I have a HUGE crush on a cute boy that lives in a different state, so I only see him when we travel to his city for vacations. I really want to kiss him, but I'm super nervous and I'm afraid that I am too young to have my first kiss. I made this quiz for girls like me who want to kiss their crush but are really nervous.

  • 1
    Are you around your crush often?
  • 2
    Do you hang out with him often?
  • 3
    Have you told your other friends you like him?

  • 4
    Have you told your crush you like him?
  • 5
    Has he told you he likes you?
  • 6
    Have you kissed at all?

  • 7
    Have you ever been left alone before?
  • 8
    Are you two dating?
  • 9
    Do you think/dream about him often?
  • 10
    Where would the ideal area to have your first kiss/date be for you?

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26 days ago
Hey guys,
I have a few question. I think this boy likes me we are always touching hands arms legs etc. Today we along with 6 other people started playing Jackpot. My crush kept "accidentally" passing to me, and U think my friend got jealous. What should I do? I love the boy like my friend I haven't kissed the boy yet.....
27 days ago
@ couple to be.
Well tell me about him. Does he know/like u? Have you kissed him? Or is he just a random dude? Boys can be so weird sometimes.
45 days ago
I like this guy, he hugged me from behind, is he trying to get a feel at my 😘? He also brushed my butt on accident. Was it an accident or not?
135 days ago
This isn’t really abt kissing but I sorta need help. I don’t have anyone I wanna ask out or anything but I wanna ask my mum if I’d be allowed boyfriends how should I go around asking this? I’m 12 btw.
141 days ago
that’s cute, happy :)! If you could, go visit him!
170 days ago
Liz your quiz was amazing!! Thank you soo much i highly recomend this quiz to anyone wondering if they should do it. I just turned twelve about a week ago and i set next to my crush, Jermain but only because of set seats by the teacher. If anyone needs some feedback from me im willing to give it. And also the person with the star logo sorry i cant do emojis ill help you. I probably dont know much but i can try. Once again thanks so much for making this quiz liz please make others we love them!!

From macy
324 days ago
And btw I really need help on BOYS if any sees this just say like I’ll help u then I’ll explain but only if someone says that they’ll help
324 days ago
Okay what I would do is if you have is email phone number or any contact info.
I would text him and say guess what I’m coming near the place where you live and see what he says
342 days ago
ok so i typed here before and errrmmm.... I need help. so let me explain....

So, as I said before I have a big crush on this boy in my class the thing is WE DO ONLINE SCHOOL CUZ OF FREAKIN COVID! So, he lives in Kentucky, and I live in NY. But I have good news too. I have fam in Kentucky, and we are going to visit them next month and while we there I would like to visit him (btw his name is Isaac) sooooooooo plz help me, I don't know what to doooooooo!!!!

(btw i told him I like him and he said he likes me back)
372 days ago
i have a crush on this boy in my school and ima tell him i like him soon. Me and my friends from school have this texting group and its me, my friends, my cousin (who is in the same school) and my crush. He has been showing like all the signs that he likes me also i took a few quizes here and they all said he likes me. thanks so much for the quiz Liz it was really helpful! :)
417 days ago
Tysm guys for taking my quiz!! I really appreciate it and oh, ya know the boy i was talking about in the description of this quiz? well i turned 12 a couple of ago and my parents had said i can finally date, but only if its safe dating :). So im in the area where my crush lives , and decided to kiss him. we all went skiing, and my crush and i went on the same lift, (of and my parents dont make us wear helmets so....) and i leaned over and kissed him! then he shoved me away and i was embarrased. but aparently he had been watching the "kiss ur best friend" tiktoks cuz he then kissed me back. that was in the afternoon, and now its night. my crush and i decided not to date yet, an were hopefully gonna tell our parents soon. thanks again for doing my quiz! leaving comments is also appreciated :)
437 days ago
thanks liz your quiz was cool. yah i have a big crshon this cute boy at school and im always thinking about him. so one day i was staring at him during class and he caught me and shot me a questioning look. I blushed but no one coyld tell cuz Ihad a mask on, and it was super akward. This is my last year at elementary school ( im in fifth grade) and then im going into mkidle school. the ad thing is that i dunno what school my crush is gonna go to, so i might not see him ever again after this year... :( :( :( :(
444 days ago
I am probably gonna tell my crush I like him soon (or have my friend do it for me because i'm way too scared) If I really love the guy I would kiss him even during covid but thats not gonna happen for me any time soon. By the way I am 12. My results said I should make a move at my own risk.
455 days ago
yea lol im not kissing him, he might like me BUT, he has a girlfriend. Dont worry i already cried lol (: but it'd be nice to kiss a boy. maybe in a video game tho lol my dad wont let me date cuz im 11.
463 days ago
Thanks Liz! This quiz helped me a lot. I have extreme crushes on 2 guys, and I am gonna kiss one of them after COVID. Thanks again! (Also if you are wondering why my name is TheCucumberKoala its cause my crush asked me if i would rather be called either of those. Actually just forget what i said never mind. Im akward...)
464 days ago
I have this guy I've only dreamt of kissing, but now I might make a move. Thanks Liz
474 days ago
tysm lizzie. i have a boyfriend already and we really like each other but we are both sooooo nervous around eachother. we have broken up but we still like each other. im thinking that if he and i get back together then i might try and kiss him. ty for ur great quiz
479 days ago
Thank you Lizzie! I have been looking for a quiz like this and i finally found it! It has helped a lot, and now my crush (who is now my boyfriend!!!) and I are happy together. And I got my first kiss!!!!! By the way, we are both 12..

Thanks again! -Willow