What kind of kisser are you?
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What kind of kisser are you?

There are always tests to see if you are a good kisser or not. But what kind of kisser are you? Take this quiz to find out!

Question 1:   What kind of kiss do you prefer?
French kiss
long, sweet kiss
kiss on your butt
peck on the cheek

Question 2:   The person you're kissing starts to french you. You:
will not do it. that's scary!
want them to do that "down there!"
go along. yay!
will only do it if it is loving.

Question 3:   Where are your hands when you are kissing?
on their or your butt
embracing the other person
on the other person's waist or neck
by your sides

Question 4:   Where do you prefer to kiss?
dunno, on a couch or something
that's too scary to think about!
in a fragrant garden
in a go-go bar

Question 5:   What would you do if a friend saw you kiss someone?
tell them to join you and your partner in a threesome!

Question 6:   What music do you prefer to listen to when you kiss?
up beat
you don't take long enough to listen to music.
striptease music

Question 7:   What do you think when your partner says they don't like to kiss?
no fun!
How will I show my affection?
can we have sex, then?
phew! good!

Question 8:   Would you ever ask your partner if they would kiss you?
yes! how fun!
you would ask if they would kiss your privates.
if I loved them.

Question 9:   Would you kiss an ugly person?
genitalia is genitalia.
I don't want to kiss anyone!
if I loved them.
no! ewwwww!

Question 10:   What do you think about sex?
if it's fun!
nooooooo! kissing is scary enough! not sex!
if you love them.

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