What Kind of KISS Are You?

What's your kiss personality? You definitely have one...it doesn't matter if you haven't even had your first kiss yet! Will yours be a passionate kiss, a movie kiss, or something else? Take this quiz and find out your kiss personality now! P.S.: Never stop kissing - it's the best!

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    You just experienced your first date - and your first kiss! Would you kiss and tell?
    You just experienced your first date - and your first kiss! Would you kiss and tell?

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74 days ago
UHmmm how are they copying my tag??????😱😱😨😰⁉❓❔
74 days ago
....😐😶 uhmm???
74 days ago
74 days ago
74 days ago
I got french kisss... u know that kinda odd!🍦🍧🍨🍩🍪🎂🍰YAAY
74 days ago
i think i got french kizz
Wierd tho i don't even U know what nvm
113 days ago
i am mostly a french kiss....ok?
280 days ago
I am a peck/ OK....
337 days ago
50% French kiss
374 days ago
👮? The think i'm a boy?
700 days ago
But im only 90% and i kiss when i fall down.
814 days ago
I love how they assume I'm a girl. I'm hella gay bruh
934 days ago
French kiss! OwO
1026 days ago
French kisser for a boy so
1028 days ago
I got French kiss!
1057 days ago
Type A
Peck kiss 😘
1140 days ago
i kissed in grade 2 3 4 and never bit their ear!!
1239 days ago
French kiss 💋😍🥰😘❤️
1573 days ago
Just as the kind of kiss I like,soft. Cool quiz.my favorite band is queen! I'm in love with ringo starr,he is adorable. His eyes and that smile is a FREAKING killer!
1633 days ago
I am a gentle kisser I know that much.... Me and my boyfriend are 12 and he is turning 14 I love him so very much but I just got some bad news... I might be going to a different high school out of anadromous county I might be going to one in Stockton because I could get a free ride scholarship. Yay!!!!! He does like it he wants me to stay I need advice