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103 days ago
My crush name is Rayyan. I'm shy to tell him I like him. I'm in Grade 5 and sometimes he makes the first move. We usually look in the eye almost everytime. I think he likes me but I'm not that sure about it. And I also think that he already knows that I like him. That's why I took the test.
222 days ago
Also why take the test and see if he likes me if I can just tell him in person (only for people who are brave enough)
222 days ago
Girl in lucky bc someone else told my crush that I like but I didn't regret her saying that to him bc in about two weeks later you said to me in class by a note saying it was someone else so sent it but I knew it was his handwriting and I said yes but like the next day people started bugging us so that wasn't great then my friends said not to date him but they were all bi so what did they know then I started to feel proud cause I was the only one who had a be hehe so instead of using to make me feel down I can use it to make THEM feel down P.S. He gave me a cute duck and can't on Valentine's Day and it was one of the most sweetest thing I've ever recived
255 days ago
i really love him and my bff says that we should date but im waaaay too scared to ask him out (my other friend thinks he likes me back) i know i shouldn't like him, because he dated my lil sis when she was like 12 or something (he is 15 like me). i am just so so scared
also my big bros best friend (age 21) came over the other day and asked me out and i dont know what to do about it
my brothers gay and i found out he likes him so
i'm really really worried
plz help me
thnx 2 anyone who feels my pain
303 days ago
+Angel, (hope I'm not too late) I'm not good on the knowledge of dating, but it should be what YOU want not anyone else thinks, ok?

Plus I'm​ trying not to make it obvious that I like this dude but everyone in my class says it's obvious. I don't know what to do on that part. 😞 I need some advice.
502 days ago
Bruh we’re like FRIENDS but only friends! I swear, EVERY SINGLE TIME we talk I literally get mesmerized in his eyes and I need to pretend I’m not into him but I want him SO BADLY!
660 days ago
me and my boyfriend caleb have been dating for the whole school term and we are still together
we hug all the time and hold hands and all that like anybody would probably expect
the thing is caleb has been dared to kiss me so many times he is saying that he is gonna kiss me on the fist day back at school
and like I'm not complaining i want to kiss him but do you think that we might actually get to
apparently he has tried to before two times but his friends interrupted him
what do you think i should do
706 days ago
770 days ago