Will he ever kiss me? Quiz

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Hi I'm John I'm going tell you if he is ever kiss you.
You need a paper and pen though!
Let's get you started.

  • 1
    Are you the same age?
  • 2
    Do you like him?
  • 3
    Do you see each other outside of school/work?

  • 4
    Adult: does he ever flirt with you?

    child: do you talk alone together?
  • 5
    Child: do you send love letters?

    Adult: do you ever send flirty e-mails and he replies
    and flirts back?
  • 6
    How much do you see them at work or school?

  • 7
    Will you ever ask him out?
  • 8
    Do you ever speak to each other?
  • 9
    Do you sit near each other?
  • 10
    Did you enjoy this test?

Comments (41)


61 days ago
uhhhh, it says that we will kiss but i have just 1 tiny problem: we aint friends+we
dont hangout-

88 days ago
Also make sure to take another quiz like does he like me to make sure he like u first
88 days ago
ok im good with this stuff let me help ok first..... Monkey
Ok so the quiz said he will kiss u correct? ok sooooo u need help figuring out how to kiss him so here my advice.... u need so ask him if he wanna hang out some time if he say yes then yay! if no im sry. so if he say yes when u hanging out and u alone wait forai time when he is just quiet and looking off into the distance then BAM!!! Kiss him on the cheek and u got yourself a boyfriend.

Ok who next????
118 days ago
I loved this quiz. It was fun to take and it was a little boost for my relationship
118 days ago
i got.....

you are together try and get him to kiss you it wont be hard take him out he will say yes if not I'm sorry I hope you find another love.

YAY! me and my BFF's had a feeling he likes me cuz he is showing like all the signs. (YAY!)
209 days ago
you are together try and get him to kiss you it wont be hard take him out he will say yes if not I'm sorry I hope you find another love.

Bruh what the….”it won’t be hard”
*At my school everybody woulda said “ayeee yooo”
Anyway, I’ve asked him 3 times and I got a “uhhhhhhhhh”
I’m ten and he’s 11 there is no chance especially since there is a lot of
11 years old girls and there all cute :(
293 days ago
He will kiss me!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! Now the hard part how do I get it to happen can someone help me with that!?
338 days ago
Omg he's only 10 and I'm 12 but my result was YES he will kiss me!!! EEEEEEE!!!!!
357 days ago
Okay NOW I’m scared 😦!
357 days ago
ahhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhh😱😱😱😱😱😱😱😱😱!!!!!!!!!!!! !!!!!!!!!!!!!!! I’m only 9!!!!!!!!!!!!
402 days ago
well don't worry he is kissing me right now!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
402 days ago
Will he ever kiss you?
you are together try and get him to kiss you it wont be hard take him out he will say yes if not I'm sorry I hope you find another love.
434 days ago
Guys i need ur help. I really like this guy who ive known for 8+ years. He is on my team, so i see him everyday. Recently, my guy best friend (let's call him L and my crush J) found out I like J . apparently, J already knew i like him, but he doesn't want to date anybody. L texted him trying to set us up. J and L are best friends, so keep that in mind. Now, it's super awkward because J said "I like somebody else so I don't want to date autumn" (he said this to L) and now I see him everyday and I'm always grouped with him but idk what to dooooo
436 days ago
i talked with him omg it hurt so much when he said no....
437 days ago
i need to kiss this boy even if it means jumping into a prickle bush after him..... totally havent been thinking about that any advise at getting him
495 days ago
HELP ME!!!!!!!!!!!!Please please please!!!!!!!!
497 days ago
I love this it says something is blossoming but I don't wanna wait!We are both super shy with each other but with my bff's I'm annoying and loud.He won't stop looking at me and when I catch him I look away.I want him but does he feel the same?
501 days ago
good for u KCH. good for u
505 days ago
Mine said OMG he is going to kiss me and it also told me on another Test that he loves me
533 days ago