What Will Your True Love's Name Be?

We all want to find our true love. Am I right or am I right? OK, people, so why not get a jump on things by finding out what his name will be. Awesome idea, right? This is meant to be a fun quiz. So see who you get! Take it now! And please, if you don't end up with a person with the same name as your result, don't sue me, OK?:-)

  • 1
    When you walk in a room, you...
  • 2
    What feature do you look at when you first see a guy who attracts you?
  • 3
    What does your true love have to have?
    What does your true love have to have?

  • 4
    Which of these letters is in your first name?
  • 5
    Your dream date is...
  • 6
    Your dream guy must...

  • 7
    What's your favorite color?
  • 8
    Are you single?
  • 9
    Which of these words do you prefer?
  • 10
    Last question...are you nervous about your result? (Be honest!)

Comments (276)


245 days ago
I got Michael I don't know any Michaels
326 days ago
Is that even a name?pls why is everyone's true love will?
353 days ago
Omg ummmm I got Michael and ummmm he's my crush's best friend...who....likes me.....but doesn't know that ik.......
396 days ago
I want to know whose name in my heart
431 days ago
I got Will that is pretty close to my crushes nane that is Wian his name is in another language but not telling tho- 0///0
497 days ago
I got a Micheal but this guy is in another country
594 days ago
i got will and i know a will he is my bffs BROTHER!
606 days ago
I got will...but 1.I don’t know a will and secondly I don’t like a will I like a different person... :P
607 days ago
i got will. i hate the name but there is a will in my life he is super annoying maybe we will find love slowly . ahh i can't wait for my true love. i'll come back to this website when i''m married n tell u the name of my husband. better take down this website name
607 days ago
I am so nervous for this results.
609 days ago
I got the name will! Will is the name of the most annoying kid in my class. Yay not
639 days ago
I got Michael but I don't know a Michael In my life ._.
657 days ago
I am from Nepal and I got name like Michael what is really mean5
661 days ago
So I got Will😍😍😍😍
691 days ago
Its will like ok wait did anyone else get the name will.....
753 days ago
Why i got two guys?
763 days ago
oh no... i got
Ready for your result? Just a sec while I look in my crystal ball! OK...I see it....Your true love's name is Michael! You want someone who understands you, but takes you to a party here and there. Don't give up, Michael is out there, and he wants to meet you! It might not be today, but it will be sometime before too long.
Michael is my best friend...
880 days ago
Well I got WILL ! the first time . But on the other quiz I got Connor which is my true love so I just put it in there
880 days ago

Ready for your result? You got it! Your true love's name is Connor . You want someone who takes you on surprising dates, and does special things for you all the time! Don't give up, Will is out there, and he cannot WAIT to meet you! And why wouldn't he feel this way? You're awesome
893 days ago
I got michael too Maya