Who Loves You?

Ever wonder who loves you? Of course you do! So right now, let's see which guy you could eventually end up with! I give you his actual NAME! Of course, your result doesn't necessarily mean you'll end up with this EXACT person - it's just something fun to imagine.:) Have fun - and if you're up for it, why not challenge your friends to take this quiz, too, so you can compare results?

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    Of these, which do you seek most in a man?
    Of these, which do you seek most in a man?

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36 days ago
I don't know any Marks(the name the quiz gave me) but it is very similar to one I do know(Micah).....
53 days ago
I am 20 years old and I need a girlfriend nothing special,as long as she love me and wealthy from Europe don't depend on age , I will accept of every age women but not from up to 45 years
58 days ago
I don't find any one honest
97 days ago
I need my girlfriend
129 days ago
i want my beanie boo back :(
135 days ago
Hello I am looking for a boy that is ten and is single and has a great name so that’s why I want or need a boy so THANK U bye
138 days ago
Jay... Meh close enough (his name is Jacob)
144 days ago
Who love me in my life
156 days ago
Jarred is my boyfriend.
160 days ago
Who is the man in love with me?
175 days ago
Who loves me name
178 days ago
Sense of human
Hard work in life
178 days ago
Who loves me the mosy
192 days ago
These tests are so freaky my daughter introduced me to this website and the last 2 tests I took I got Nick. My husband's name is Nick!
204 days ago
I want to see who I get
204 days ago
I love my mom
And she is my world
206 days ago
220 days ago
who loves me!
226 days ago
Wt- Is everyone Michael cause I never matched with anyone this stupid test thinks we need love bruh... 😍 like come on maybe we all like some not called MICHAEL..
231 days ago
Seriously....seriously dude.....Michael.....WTAF!