Who Loves You? Quiz

Ever wonder who loves you? Of course you do! So right now, let's see which guy you could eventually end up with! I give you his actual NAME! Of course, your result doesn't necessarily mean you'll end up with this EXACT person - it's just something fun to imagine.:)

Have fun - and if you're up for it, why not challenge your friends to take this quiz, too, so you can compare results?

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    Of these, which do you seek most in a man?
    Of these, which do you seek most in a man?

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12 hours ago
81 days ago
I got Daniel.And here Daniel is in our village.I'm so glad.I'm gonna persue him later✊💞💞
151 days ago
whose jay!i dont even know himm
202 days ago
I'm also from america
202 days ago
I got Michael... I'm not friends with a Michael O.O
209 days ago
i am from america. I love it here
216 days ago
I feel like nobody in the comments are from america. I am.
240 days ago
after realizing that relationship is not permanent as we see , but there can be chances of having good n perfect relationship.
293 days ago
I love you
Where are u please come na I want hug you
310 days ago
How can you seek someone's mind to find out who actually loves me this doesn't make any sense this might be a trick or a scam
314 days ago
I want a boyfriend who understand me he will never hurt.
And he will say me all thing that what going on him and he never lying 🤥me and trusted👌 me
341 days ago
I want a girl friend and life partner
348 days ago
381 days ago
I want my lover life time
417 days ago
I don't know any Marks(the name the quiz gave me) but it is very similar to one I do know(Micah).....
434 days ago
I am 20 years old and I need a girlfriend nothing special,as long as she love me and wealthy from Europe don't depend on age , I will accept of every age women but not from up to 45 years
438 days ago
I don't find any one honest
478 days ago
I need my girlfriend
510 days ago
i want my beanie boo back :(
516 days ago
Hello I am looking for a boy that is ten and is single and has a great name so that’s why I want or need a boy so THANK U bye