Who Loves You? Quiz

Ever wonder who loves you? Of course you do! So right now, let's see which guy you could eventually end up with! I give you his actual NAME! Of course, your result doesn't necessarily mean you'll end up with this EXACT person - it's just something fun to imagine.:)

Have fun - and if you're up for it, why not challenge your friends to take this quiz, too, so you can compare results?

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    Of these, which do you seek most in a man?
    Of these, which do you seek most in a man?

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80 days ago
I got Micheal and i Know a guy Named Mykel (Like Micheal but Mykel) and hes hooooottt and he is my Crush:D
104 days ago
Every one wants love even I too but we. are born to be alone so stay single girl after that however you get married
120 days ago
SO THE GUY I LOVE, THE LOMLLLL... HE SO HOT AND BUFF AND HANDSOME, AND TALL. lov lov lov. i even confessed, but he isnt responsing. pls give me adive do u guys think he mite be gay?????????
he drink sharaab and say behch*d
159 days ago
I got mark the only mark i know is 20 years older then me
272 days ago
I get michael and he is in my school and we are in same class only our sections are different and his height is shorter then me and before this class we study together also in pervious class because our sections were same in pervious class but the main thing is that "He is like abnormal " and don't like him he is not that what i want.

272 days ago
I get michael and he is
278 days ago
Hi guys :))
331 days ago
I don’t know anyone called jay , this quiz is not accurate at all !
422 days ago
I got Daniel.And here Daniel is in our village.I'm so glad.I'm gonna persue him later✊💞💞
491 days ago
whose jay!i dont even know himm
542 days ago
I'm also from america
542 days ago
I got Michael... I'm not friends with a Michael O.O
549 days ago
i am from america. I love it here
556 days ago
I feel like nobody in the comments are from america. I am.
581 days ago
after realizing that relationship is not permanent as we see , but there can be chances of having good n perfect relationship.
634 days ago
I love you
Where are u please come na I want hug you
650 days ago
How can you seek someone's mind to find out who actually loves me this doesn't make any sense this might be a trick or a scam
654 days ago
I want a boyfriend who understand me he will never hurt.
And he will say me all thing that what going on him and he never lying 🤥me and trusted👌 me
682 days ago
I want a girl friend and life partner
688 days ago