What Is My Soulmate's First Initial?

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Do you want to know what the first initial of your soulmate's name is? If you never wondered, are you wondering now just because I suggested it? Learn the lucky letter right here! Good luck! Please share my quiz with your friends who are looking for their soulmates, too!

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    Which of these hair colors do you like best?

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Its true, i got L and B and i took it like 3 times with different answers, its fake
2 days ago
This is so fake I've looked through some of the comments and most of them are L and B I told my mate to try and hers was L and B this is not a trustworthy website
4 days ago
ummm so i was taking this because i’m stuck between two people and one starts w T and one starts w K. so i took this and i got N or T 🤭
5 days ago
So, I got T or N, but I'm stupid in love with E. I mean, that's fun.
6 days ago
I like this one guy but i'm not sure if he likes me back, i want to ask him but idk...
12 days ago
Im bisexual and im pretty sure I like this girl but her name starts with an M and my result is L or B so (epurple))
12 days ago
UnU I got an L or B...I used to like these two girls that starts with an A and J and yes, I'm a girl and I'm bisexual......UwU but I don't really know if I like them anymore. Who knows it might be true?
14 days ago
I'm freaking I go B or L the boy that I his name starts with a B I swear if this is fake i'm going to be upset.......
17 days ago
as ive experienced, dont hold back. give in, and show him your interested in getting to know him. however, if you rush things, it wont end well . . . recently faced the consequences for it, but lead him on, and after you think you got him hooked, leave the rest to his choices, and see what he does. try to do some research from other websites, and try searching "how to make a guy miss me"
18 days ago
i like some guy and his name is devon and we have spanish together and i really like him and idk if he likes me please help i need advice
19 days ago
I got L or B but I'm head over heels for this girl whose name begins with A...
20 days ago
I am head over heels for someone.... and they're name starts with T. And I got T on 3 tests and N on this one....
20 days ago
I don't believe it is real because the girl I have a huge crush on name starts with the letter A, but I got T or N
26 days ago
This was ok but for your own initial it didn’t have mine and I don’t think it’s fair and so I don’t think it’s correct
26 days ago
I got C or D.
Dixie is my soulmate
26 days ago
I got N or T and like my bsfs older brothers name is Tyler-
28 days ago
30 days ago
I got L or b...... I'm torn between two people and their initials are l and b
30 days ago
I have found the love of my life and this stuff is rigged cause it is said L and B but her name starts with D (daphne) she is just different than others a lot of others cheat on me or we just don’t have a strong relationship but it is different connections with daphne😄
36 days ago
its someone who starts with g, but all i get is L and B!!!!