We Can Guess Your Soulmate's First Initial! Play the Quiz to See if We're Right!👩🏻‍❤️‍👨🏻

If you've already found your soulmate (big CONGRATS!), you can play this quiz to see if we called it right and their first initial is what you actually get as your result. If you haven't found your soulmate yet (waaaah!), play to get their first initial and to greatly narrow down all those people who think it's them ("Um, sorry, Liam, I see that you're smokin' hot, but I have SOLID information that my soulmate's first initial is actually J. Have a nice day!") If we're wrong, sue us! Wait, no, on second thought, don't do that. We don't have any money. Anyway, enjoy the quiz!

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    Which of these hair colors do you like best?
    Which of these hair colors do you like best?

Comments (399)


I got J or D! Mine starts with a D!
5 days ago
My bfs name begins with C
8 days ago
i got j or d but the person i like name starts with a m
8 days ago
I dont know but some time later i will.!
10 days ago
My soul mate name starts with a J or D but my crushs name starts with a B
10 days ago
I want to know my soulmate
11 days ago
I got N or T! But my crush’s name starts with an M!! But he has the traits as N or T!! Wait those are both the first letters of our last names!!🙀
11 days ago
People on apast
keep saying D or J are meant for each other
13 days ago
Me and this boy D’Angelo really hitting it off in this game really help me I know I know I know what you’re thinking but you should play this game you won’t regret it one bit that’s why I love playing the fun I just show me because it is fun and you get to find out who they are so you should really recommend playing this game
14 days ago
the first time I took the quiz it said that my soulmate’s name would start with either and Aor K! and then just now when I took the quiz it said either a J or D!
15 days ago
The best traits to me in a person is being trustworthy, loyal, and fun
17 days ago
My initial is not in here but the quiz is amazing
22 days ago
My boyfriend's name is Sam but I got the letters J or D...
23 days ago
My crushes name starts with P but this shows N or T and I think my crush is crushing over me🤗
23 days ago
Wow 😲😲 I like someone whose name start with L and boom It show L and B ...
B was my 5 crush L last wow so accurate...amazed
24 days ago
My crush’s initial is N
24 days ago
My crush's name start with R and the result was N or T but the information they give me was the same as my crush's habits
26 days ago
my soulmate's name starts with a j
28 days ago
My crush name starts with D
31 days ago
I like a girl that starts with L, I share a few classes with her and hangout with her at our lunch breaks, we celebrate each others success and share friendly interactions, I have the same interests, so many things are right but says J or D