What Is My Soulmate's First Initial? 🔠❤️‍🔥

If you've already discovered your soulmate (a massive CONGRATS to you!), why not take this quiz to find out if we've got it right? Maybe their first initial is exactly what you'll find as your result. Now, for those who haven't quite found that special someone yet (waaaah!), fear not! This quiz can help you uncover their first initial and help you politely narrow down those well-intentioned candidates ("Sorry, Liam, you're absolutely smokin' hot, but I've got some SOLID intel that my soulmate's first initial is, in fact, J. Have a fantastic day!")

Are you ready to find your soulmate's initial? Let's go!

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4 days ago
I start with l and my crush is a and it says j or d:(
7 days ago
Darling where are uhh🥹💘
8 days ago
8 days ago
i dont think this quiz is accrate and i dont like it theres definetly better quizzes out there than this
8 days ago
the quiz said my soul mate initilals start with J or D and i have a massive crush on a boy with the letter A as his first initial :((
25 days ago
my crush starts with L And
I got L or B
26 days ago
The person i'm in love with's name starts with a D (like me!) And i got J-D so i can confirm this quiz is accurate.
27 days ago
did you know there is a kid in my class who used to like me. his name starts with d. he dated my friend. ewww. if i married him...he said we were friends. we are not. any time i talk to him its because Ak_ _ _ is in the conversation.
32 days ago
I got l and b and my crush begins with e
40 days ago
Why it be saying my whole initial? J or D??? Those are mine!
50 days ago
I am a female and I want to know my soulmate's first alphabet.....
56 days ago
Oh yeah!!! I'm soooooooooooo happy!!!!!! I got J or D and mt crush's name starts with a D and one of my small crushes start with a J !!! This quiz is amazing
62 days ago
okay...that was creepy. i am sorry to anyone who had a heart attack, fainted, lost brain cells, died, cried, hid in a hole, had problems getting their eyes back in there head etc. do not sue me.
62 days ago
64 days ago
My crush's name starts with T and the test said 'n or t' . Happy
66 days ago
oh wait i got mixed results. dangit.
66 days ago
yay!!!!!!! it worked this time! a or k. the funny thing is his name starts with a k it is also a different spelling of my brothers name. congrats to this quiz for figuring out what it was talking about. man i sound like such a jerk right now!!!!!!!! :( :)
67 days ago
this is dumb. i like someone starting with an A not a J or D. so duuuuuummmmbbbb. fun though. i just really wanted it be right. other quizzes have said we are soulmates and will get married and are 100% compatible. also my whole class thinks we would do really well together. so i think it glitched. or doesnt like me. happy for anyone who got what they wanted. still disappointed though. man i love that kid! we arestarting to be friends and also he knows. he has known for like 7 out of 9 months. it was love at first sight. he has liked me 4 times this year so eeeeee! hope we go somwhere. :) canwoodians live on! (as weirdos. please let us go somewhere *fingers crossed*)
73 days ago
What is my soulmate intail
78 days ago
OMG!!!! I GOT A OR K!!! My name starts with A and my crush has a really rare name that starts with K!!! I know this is fake but I am praying it to be real. I have liked him for like years now and I think he likes me too but we are both to scared to make the first move.