What Is My Soulmate's First Initial?

If you've already found your soulmate (big CONGRATS!), you can play this quiz to see if we called it right and their first initial is what you actually get as your result. If you haven't found your soulmate yet (waaaah!), play to get their first initial and to greatly narrow down all those people who think it's them ("Um, sorry, Liam, I see that you're smokin' hot, but I have SOLID information that my soulmate's first initial is actually J. Have a nice day!") If we're wrong, sue us! Wait, no, on second thought, don't do that. We don't have any money. Anyway, enjoy the quiz!

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    Which of these hair colors do you like best?
    Which of these hair colors do you like best?

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72 days ago
I can't believe it i got j or d and my crushes name starts with D!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
73 days ago
OMG I got my crush or my really weird ADHD friend 🤣 aka d and j (in order)
77 days ago
I got T or N and my boyfriend's name starts with N!!!!!!!!!
79 days ago
OMG I GOT T OR N !!!!!?????

P.S(My crushs name is start with T!!!!!????)
81 days ago
Um so did anyone get k(for people that start with j or d)
81 days ago
OMG I GOT J OR D! Hopefully this is true bc I really like j!!
82 days ago
So my name starts w M, my crushes also M and his gf also M. I didn't get M, but J/D i also got a bit littler crush who's name is Daniel so...? I'm really hopeful
84 days ago
OH SHEET I GOT J OR D WAAAAAA IM MTFK SUPRISED IVE BEEN LIKING J FOR SO LONG NOW , well im not gonna get my hopes up , but i do think it is him😍😚i luv this quiz
85 days ago
Hi,I got j or d,I have a crush and his name starts with J,So I really hope this works out❤️
88 days ago
I got L or B my crush starts with B and everyone thinks we go together perfect
95 days ago
i9 got j or d
95 days ago
I got j or d the person I like is j lol
95 days ago
I got (J or D) and my boyfriends name starts with a J :]
103 days ago
I got A or K and my crushes name is K/R A (they're trans so have their first name assigned at birth and first name they now go by). I know this isn't real but still I hope it works because I really like this person!!!!!❤️❤️❤️🌈🌈🌈
107 days ago
My crush's name starts with an A, But my best friend's initials are the Initials I got. J(or D)

Help me pls
108 days ago
L,B,J or a D (score was unclear)
112 days ago
L or B :( my crush is named William super sweet and funny and cute ad I wanna kiss him help I'm going crazy!
118 days ago
125 days ago
mine is 40% J or D , OR 40% L or B, mine wasn't clear?!! wdym😭
126 days ago
My crushes letter is R or L