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Does he like you, and what is his name?(Girls/Teens)

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This quiz will tell you if your crush likes you, and a guy that may possibly have a crush on you! I hope you enjoy! Best wishes!

  • 1
    Does your crush ever look at you?😍
  • 2
    What is you and your crushes relationship like now?
  • 3
    What do you look for in a guy?

  • 4
    What letter does your crushes name start with?
  • 5
    Does your crush talk to other girls a lot?😐
  • 6
    Have any guys liked you recently or in the past?

  • 7
    What are most attracted to?
  • 8
    Just curious are you enjoying this Quiz!
  • 9
    Do you try to flirt with your crush? If so, how? And does he flirt back/ how?
  • 10
    Do you think I will get this correct?

Comments (38)


1489 days ago
Oh my goshness one of the names of boys who like me according to this test was Brady. I know no one called Brady but my crush who likes me is called Brayden
1559 days ago
OM Goodness! You totally and completely got it right! You're amazing!
1560 days ago
OMG 🤮🤮🤮🤮🤮🤮🤮🤮🤮🤮🤮🤢🤢🤢 my worst enemy likes meeeeeeeee!!!!!!! >:-(< br />(Ps I ❤️❤️❤️These quizzes!)
1561 days ago
Oh yay! Daniel ,,radcliffe,, likes me!
1561 days ago
So..uhm...it said that the dude that likes me is named ‘eli’...that’s close to my crush’s name His name is Elliott. I’m kinda scared but like WOW. OMgash what if we actually became a thing. I mean idk. EVeryone in this comment has been saying these names were actually legit.. I hope he does, but I also have this friend who lies him and she doesn’t know that I like him. Also, my friends have been saying that we would look cute together lol
1566 days ago
okay wat do u do when all the boys in your class like u and 4-5 others from another class like u and wat do u do knowing that your crush might like u
1569 days ago
I got acquaintence/friendzone which is probably true because I’ve known my crush for 4 years he always teases me and I tease him back. He is so hard to read though, I have no idea what he is like when he had a crush and he’s confusing sometimes; so if he likes me or not is a mystery. His name was in my answer though :0
1571 days ago
Oh it said alex and brayden some of my 2 best guy friend *i like alex** :O
1571 days ago
So there’s this guys, we’ve recently been talking like all of last week and playing videos games. Now he just stares me but doesn’t talk to me as much in person. Btw I’m such a shy person When it comes to talking to crushes
1572 days ago
So my neigbor has this really hot friend i think im crushin idk I took the quiz n Oh shiii it got It rite his name Leonardo
1573 days ago
im dead, so she guessed some guy i used to like. buhh she said "Jeremiah", and i like a james..
1573 days ago
Lol, the names it gave I don't know any boys with those names. But great quiz 🤗
1573 days ago
It said my crush would be Hunter...BUT THATS NOT TRUE I LOVE HIM SO THERE. HOW DARE YOU YOUARE SSSOOO RUDE HE SAID HE LOVED ME ...probably not anymore...BUT STILL!
1575 days ago
Um, well it wasn't correct but yeah.
1575 days ago
Said someone with my name liked her wat r the odds on that?!?
1575 days ago
I did this from my girlfriend's perspective and it someone with my name liked her lol bruh! This is pretty accurate!!
1576 days ago
I liked my crush from 2017 to probably now it's 2018 its almost 2019 its October and I'll like him every year till I get over him and he likes me back I know he always talked to me and im a cheerleader on the soccer field and its said I he totally likes me back!!! IM SUPERRRR DUPERRRR HAPPY!😍
1576 days ago
Ok so I have liked my crush for a year now,and he always looks at me in lessons, recently he has been teasing me about liking his friend.I have also caught him smiling at me aswell should I tell him I like him? I'm really shy to tell him I like him because I'm afraid of rejection help me please I haven't asked him out since I liked him (I started like him last year in October lol) PLEASE HELPPPPPPP