What's My Future Husband's Name?

This test will predict your future husband's name and personality! What will you call him? Even more importantly, what will he actually be like? Find out now so you can get ready for your awesome future together! (Bonus: Info about your kids!)

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    Where would you prefer your first date to be?
    Where would you prefer your first date to be?

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4 days ago
It doesn't even match what I'm expecting, but thanks so lovely.
8 days ago
Jg, you are Sooooooo correct! No one can predict our future except our Lord Jesus! Amen!
8 days ago
I also got Nick or James and my children names: Oliver and Julia
10 days ago
nick or james-
so, long story short, i had a childhood enemy named oliver. and there was the obnoxious kid next door named nick.
my crush is nowhere close to any of those names.
wow. the quiz was inaccurate.
but I do like julia. :) have a nice day.
10 days ago
I like that name😘
12 days ago
But u guys ur so fake🤣🤣🤣every one Nick n James 👮😂
12 days ago
i have a crush on some one named James and the quiz said Nick or James
14 days ago
LIKE NICK OR JAMES Bruuuuuh not my style thanks for the quiz it was aight ;-)♥
14 days ago
33 days ago
Like a norm, I got Nick or James. brUHhHHhHhH
35 days ago
I got James Boy is Oliver Girl is Juilia
35 days ago
@ ( Pshyco...?) nice!!!!!!!!!!!
39 days ago
not even close.....
43 days ago
Your husband is pretty standard, and very loyal! He has a common name like Nick or James, and he works hard at his job to fund a suburban life with an amazing holiday/vacation every year to some cool or exotic place! Your girl is called Julia, and your boy is called Oliver. Congratulations! You found a good husband who'll support your life! WOW SUPRISED
58 days ago
Also my kids names:
I want twin daughters, there names will be ~ Ava and Avery
I want ONE son, his name will be ~ Aiden / Ayden / Aidan (I didn't decide how I wanna spell it yet and also I'm only 13 so it'll be a while before I have to decide... hopefully...)
58 days ago
I got nick and james, so if I marry a nick or james i'm gonna laugh so hard no joke.
59 days ago
im not joking- every test i take i get a james
60 days ago
I got my crushes name and yay!!!!!!
65 days ago
It was so funny to me because I am from Nepal and here shows Englishes name. But I expecting like that kind of husband. Thank you 😊
66 days ago
what do I answer for the kids name stuff I don't want kids