What's My Future Husband's Name?

This test will predict your future husband's name and personality! What will you call him? Even more importantly, what will he actually be like? Find out now, so you can get ready for your awesome future together! (Bonus: Info about your kids!)

  • 1/15
    Where would you prefer your first date to be?
    Where would you prefer your first date to be?

Comments (177)


598 days ago
Uhm i got like yoongi
604 days ago
I got nick or James
609 days ago
i got nick or james
617 days ago
I love Avi
620 days ago
Plz tell me the name of my future husband.
625 days ago
I got James or Nick.
628 days ago
Wow Nick or James
630 days ago
Well if Tyler is a basic name, well then this is pretty accurate lol
630 days ago
Please tell me the name of my future husband
632 days ago
I want to know my future husband name
633 days ago
I want to kwn my husband name
635 days ago
I want to know my future husband name
649 days ago
my crush right now is named Oliver so I am confident, I spent allllll night once making a letter for him I hope he feels the same.
651 days ago
im sorry but this is a joke only god knows who our future husbands are and the results arent even genuine there aren't that many nicks and james in the world this is the fakest test i ever took there is one one buzzfun that actually gave me the name of my boyfriend. I think my comment speaks for itself so bye
658 days ago
It doesn't even match what I'm expecting, but thanks so lovely.
662 days ago
Jg, you are Sooooooo correct! No one can predict our future except our Lord Jesus! Amen!
662 days ago
I also got Nick or James and my children names: Oliver and Julia
664 days ago
nick or james-
so, long story short, i had a childhood enemy named oliver. and there was the obnoxious kid next door named nick.
my crush is nowhere close to any of those names.
wow. the quiz was inaccurate.
but I do like julia. :) have a nice day.
664 days ago
I like that name😘
666 days ago
But u guys ur so fake🤣🤣🤣every one Nick n James 😻😂