Who's Your Next Crush? Find Out His Name by Taking This Quiz!

Answer some easy personal questions (nothing gross, tho) and find out the name of your NEXT crush! Who knows - maybe he's taking the exact same quiz for guys and gets your name! Stranger things have happened!

Anyway, I know you can't resist a quiz this quick, easy, fun and helpful! At least I hope not - try it now and see the first name of who you'll someday be fighting and making up with!

  • 1
    Have you ever been on a trip with him?
    Have you ever been on a trip with him?
  • 2
    Which of these 4WD vehicles would you choose your guy to drive you in/let you drive?
  • 3
    Pick the CUTEST dog!

  • 4
    What color are his eyes?
  • 5
    Pick an animal.
  • 6
    Pick an earring type.

  • 7
    Pick the best music. 🎵
  • 8
    What was the color of your 8th grade formal dress?
  • 9
    Which of these superheroes rules the most?
  • 10
    Lastly, what's your current relationship status with this guy?

Comments (74)


97 days ago
Hello everyone after seeing my results I lost myself this is not me this my ghost
217 days ago
Hello everyone,
I was searching for my name and found this popping up on the internet. Whoever the ‘The Queen Bee aka…’ person is, is NOT ME as I am the real Eve. I have no idea who they are, nor do I care as this happened a long time ago. However, if this happens again, I will be taking action. I cannot believe that someone used my name on a website like this - and I am so sorry to anyone who had to read that incredibly cringy comment about *that*. I don’t know anyone called ‘Jacob S’. Do not let this happen again.
Thank you,
245 days ago
i have a freind named stuart that named his child stuart and called him chip like chip off the old block
305 days ago
Mine is Collin...

:( They didn't get it right.
395 days ago
mine actually guessed it right but it is a common name so yk like they could have got the name anyday
421 days ago
bruuuh mine is philip
481 days ago
But actually I kind of like Noah
539 days ago
Wrong. So wrong. And 00’s is 2000 - 2009
546 days ago
So I have question: does 00s mean classical music? And y just randomly assume I’m in 8th grade and not lower, or that I watch marvel? Lastly, why would I name my child chip?
550 days ago
i meant to say that the 3rd name was correct and he was my crush and he is in my class at my school so ye
550 days ago
it said I am guessing he will probably be named Justin, Bryce, Thomas, or Hayden. You will feel like the luckiest person alive and be very happy with him. You won't ever yell at him for leaving up the toilet seat! And likewise, he will love you to the moon and back...even when you're cranky and on your period. Good luck to you both! You totally deserve it! but the 3rd name was kinda correct tho my crush was thomas and literally hes in my class so ye
563 days ago
I am guessing he will likely be named John, Patrick, Noah, or Justin. Well thats not my crushes name but his name starts with a J but two of the names listed above started with a J so maybe I have a chance.
573 days ago
Oh my god you know what yesterday I followed my crush out of the school and then at night I got a dream that his dad is really a bad man
599 days ago
my celebrity crush has one of the names but my real crush doesn't so the quiz was half right
644 days ago
687 days ago
they did not gess his name right
717 days ago
i'm tiring of these straight test MY CRUSH A GIRL HSYSGFZHFST
751 days ago
They got random @ss names like Chip and they don't even put the common names like Ethan, Matthew, or even my crush's name, Tyler. Not gonna complain, because this quiz is about as consistent as the amount of crushes we've had in our LIFETIME.
759 days ago
this test was so off!
my crushes name is Casey, and they said it was john
WHERE THE HELL! did john come from
764 days ago
When your a lesbian-