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Just answer 10 questions about yourself and I will pick your future husband's name!

  • 1
    What personality traits do you look for in a guy?
  • 2
    What is your favorite animal?
  • 3
    What is the first letter of your crush's name? If you don't have a crush (which is the main reason this test was created...) just pick the first letter of your name

  • 4
    Has your crush ever looked at you with a twinkle in his eye? (If you don't have a crush, WHY ARE YOU TAKING THIS TEST?)
  • 5
    Do you wish you could hug your crush, or a favorite boy?
  • 6
    What two colors go well together for you?

  • 7
    Do you think someone else has a crush on your crush or your crush has a girlfriend/boyfriend?
  • 8
    Have you ever thought about kissing/holding hands with your crush?
  • 9
    Do you dress up, put on makeup, make your hair look nice, or make sure your lips are full, or do something to your appearance to make it look better when you know you're going to see your crush/girlfriend/boyfriend?
  • 10
    And finally, do you and your crush share any hobbies or have anything in common?

Comments (13)


15 days ago
I like this guy named Austin and he’s in my band class and plays trumpet and he’s sooooo hot and nice
551 days ago
I like this boy named austin, we hava a LOT of things in common, but he is in love with anoother girl but he always tries to talk too me and its weirdddddd. He acts like we are mortal enemies on text but in pereson allll he wants to do is talk to me
621 days ago
I got Kenny.... The only Kenny I know is my uncle;-;
701 days ago
@I feel you sis! Thank you for the criticism on this test. I am not telling girls to take this test, and I am not assuming the gender of the people you love. It's totally fine that you like a girl. Honestly, I just think you're insecure about that and that's why you posted that comment. Please do not take these types of tests if you are just going to hate on them.
719 days ago
Blech. Why the heck are you girls taking this test? No one should have to tell you the name (or even gender) of the person you love! Don't let meaningless online trash set limits for you!
PS: It said my true love's name is Noah. HA! My crush isn't even a boy! Her name is Lily!
729 days ago
noah exuse me that is my brothers name
774 days ago
i got noah! its my faviorte name !
848 days ago
I got Kenny or Matthew. I know people of both names but I dislike them both!😢
918 days ago
@ladybug04 sorry, it doesnt always work out.... just find your dream man, whatever. you will soon find someone named kenny.......
922 days ago
Kenny? I don't even know anyone named that.
929 days ago
Hey Pheebe.
I was the creator of this test. I am so glad you enjoyed it, gurl! Hope your happy with him
931 days ago
OMG ! 😆

For 40% you are: Your future husband's name is Kenny. He will be smart, outgoing, and cheerful, just like you! There will always be special moments shared between you guys and you won't fail to understand each other. This relationship should be long enough for at least 20 years. GOOD LUCK!

That is my BF name !!!!!!!!! And it describes his personality perfectly!!!!!
931 days ago
Matthew? Too bad, I was hoping it would be Kenny.