Love Test for 12-13-year-olds
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Love Test for 12-13-year-olds

I was surfing the Net and I noticed that there weren't any tests for people my age. I made one for girls and boys.

Question 1:Girls : When the guy you like asks for help on his math homework, what do you do?
Smile and say okay, Smart One
Grin and say I was just about to ask you the same thing
Smile and say okay
not a girl

Question 2:Guys : When the girl you like asks you if that tennis ball is yours, what do you do?
Make an effort to touch her hand as she gives it to you
Mutter yeah and make a run for it
smile and say thanks
not a guy

Question 3:Girls : How would you like to let your crush know that you like him?
In person
Write a letter/email
Call him and tell him
not a girl

Question 4:Guys : How would you like to let your crush know that you like her?
A letter/email
In person
Call her and tell her
not a guy

Question 5:Girls/Guys : If your crush calls you, what do you say when he/she answers to your Hello?
Oh, hi!
Hey, it's great to hear from you. What's up?

Question 6:Girls/Guys : When you hear that your crush like you, how do you deal with it if someone asks you if you like him/her back?
Make up some fake name for who you like
Say yes, I do
Say maybe, but I'm not telling

Question 7:Girls : If the guy you like compliments you, what do you do?
Blush furiously and nod
Say thanks, you're really sweet
Say thanks
not a girl

Question 8:Guys : If the girl you like compliments you, what do you do?
Say you look great too
Mutter something and turn away
Say thanks then ignore her
not a guy

Question 9:Girls/Guys : If the only seat left on the bus is one by your crush, what do you do?
Say Is this seat taken?
say Hey, can I sit here?
Don't say anything, just sit down

Question 10:Girls/Guys : If you receive a prank call from your crush, how do you handle it?
Say I know who this is, ______ (your crush)
Play along, then make some crack at the end about how you always knew
Hang up

This Quiz has been designed by Katie Lynnae Clements.