Does He Like You Better Than His Girlfriend?
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Does He Like You Better Than His Girlfriend?

Find out if he's secretly wants to be with you instead of her!

Question 1:When did you meet him?
After he and his girlfriend had been dating for awhile.
Shortly after he and his girlfriend began dating.
About the same time that she and he began dating.
Shortly before she and he began dating.
Long before she and he began dating.

Question 2:When he talks to you, he:
Makes a lot of eye contact and asks you a lot of questions about yourself.
Is constantly staring at your chest or touching you.
Talks mostly about himself/his girlfriend.
Is friendly like he is with everyone.
Mostly talks about school/work.

Question 3:How often does he call you?
About school/work, to invite you to parties, anytime there's an excuse.
All the time; at least once every day.
Only when he's calling you back.
Just about school/work.
He never has.

Question 4:He and his girlfriend's relationship seems to be:
Very conflicted; they fight all the time.
Somewhat stiff and detached.
Very intimate and close.
Balanced and healthy
Purely sexual.

Question 5:How did you meet her?
You met her when she called you up/saw you and screamed at you to stay away from her boyfriend.
You introduced yourself to her/she introduced herself to you.
The two of you were friends before they were together.
He introduced you to her.
You've never met her.

Question 6:How often does he talk about her to you?
He talks about her moderately, with affection in his voice.
He talks about her constantly, that's the primary subject he discusses with you.
He only talks about her to complain.
He brings her up once and awhile.
He rarely speaks of her.

Question 7:He invites you to a party at his house/apartment. She is also there. Who does he pay the most attention to?
He makes a special effort to pay attention to you, spending a significant amount of time with you throughout the night. He doesn't pay much attention to her.
He flirts with you all night, ignoring her until she eventually gets mad and leaves.
He's very social, paying attention to everyone including her and you.
He's by her plenty, but makes sure to come and say hi to you.
He's constantly by her side; he barely acknowledges you.

Question 8:You go with him to the library to study, and she is there with some of her friends. What happens?
He briefly acknowledges the group, then goes to find a table with you at the opposite end of the library.
He pretends he doesn't see her and quickly wants to leave.
He greets her with a hug or kiss, and you and he sit down nearby.
He stops to talk to her for a bit, then goes w/you to find a table.
You and him join her group to study.

Question 9:How pretty is his girlfriend?
Gorgeous; she looks like a super-model.
Very pretty.
Nice-enough looking.

Question 10:Would you say you are:
Not nearly as pretty as her.
Slightly less attractive than her.
About on the same level of looks as her.
Slightly better looking than her.
Way more attractive than her.

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