Magical Match Maker
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Magical Match Maker

Here you are going to get to see who your magical Harry Potter match up is! This is for guys seeking a girl, so have fun!

Question 1:What is most important to you in a girl?
Sports Skills

Question 2:If you weren't paying attention in class, and the teacher thought you had your hand raised, and called on you, what would you do?
Tell them You weren't paying attention, and didn't here the question
Say you forgot what you were going to say
This wouldn't happen, you would never not pay attention

Question 3:Your friends would most likely call you:
a brain
really popular
good looking
a good athlete

Question 4:Your dream date would be:
An amusement park
a cozy chat by the fire
hanging with your friends (and your dates friends)
gazing at your dates beauty

Question 5:What kind of friend are you?
a helpful one
a popular one
an envied one
a sporty one

Question 6:If a friend was in trouble you would:
not care, you've got other ones to hang with
defend them, and say it was all your fault
let them get themselves out of it, you don't want to risk your good looks
try to help while not getting yourself into trouble as well

Question 7:You know most about:
Being good looking =)

Question 8:If your friend's birthday was coming up, you'd probably get them:
Something nice but not too nice you're not a wuss
Nothing, they're lucky enough to have you as a friend, now you're getting them stuff? don't think so
Something special
A chance to look at you

Question 9:You are, in your own words:
Intelligent, and a great friend
Good at everything, everybody likes you
So popular, you can't keep track of all your friends
A good person, not to mention good looking

Question 10:Your preferred way of Travel would be:
By Carpet (room for you and all your friends)
Horse drawn chariot
Anything sensible (better safe then sorry!)
By Broomstick, of course!

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