Does he know you like him?
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Does he know you like him?

Have you ever wondered if your crush likes you? Maybe you told your best friend and they told him. Take this test to find out!

Question 1:Have you told ALL your friends who you like?
Question 2:When you walk down the hallway does he smile at you?
Question 3:Has any of his friends ask you if you like him?
Question 4:IS he always ignoring you when you ask him a question?
Question 5:When you look at him does he give the "stink eye"?
Question 6:Has he asked you out?
Question 7:Has he bumped into you in the hallway by ACCIDENT?
Question 8:Has he commented you on your clothes?
Question 9:Has he asked you for help on his homework even though you don't have the same teachers as him?
Question 10:Has he slipped notes in your backpack or locker?
Question 11:Has any of your friends tease you about him?
Question 12:Does he avoid eye contact with you when you walk past him?
Question 13:Has he ever called you house?
Question 14:Does he Instant Message you?
Question 15:Has he ever written on your belongings at school?

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