Your ISR girl,
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Your ISR girl,

Ever thought of school girl being hot or nice an gave an arousion? Ever thought one day you can do with her...? Her you go! Quiz yourself without a worry.

Question 1:On prom night you didn’t found a partner. But then you find your friend (girl) and you will ask her out for one night and she says yes. You two will go to?
Some nice restaurant
Somewhere romantic as Paris
In the park
My place and have dinner and have nice cozy chat
Somewhere noisy to get fun and get drunk

Question 2:And later that night it all became silent and you two left alone together you will...
She will ask me to stay at her place, so no problem!!!
Compliment her, hug her and say goodbye
Slowly kiss and have sex with her right there (nobody’s around anyway)
Take her somewhere near which is comfortable and sleep with her
Kiss her and stay with her and continue chatting

Question 3:Somehow the girl becomes very hot and takes off her clothes and asks you to sex her out. You will?
Just **** her
Refuse and kiss her instead and put on her clothes gently
“MY GOD! I’ll do it alright!”
Tell her to put on her clothes, its ridiculous!! We are friends!
Slowly respond with smile and start slowly

Question 4:Lets say you went into bed with her and your first target is to…
Don’t care, its only sex just do what males does
Try to give as much pleasure to your partner as you are getting
Do what you like, but also think about the girl
Get out of the bed and ask her to dress and tell her again that we are “friends”
Take as much pleasure as you can

Question 5:Ok, you two are starting! You want things this way…
Do everyway and get all the damn pleasure!
Let her take the control and let her play with me
Show all what you can do to her
Go gentle with the young girl but do something special as well
Do just normally

Question 6:Next morning you wake up and the girl is lying naked (beautiful) in your arms, you will….
Just lay there until she wakes up
Go to sleep back again
Get up quietly, dress up and go away
Kiss her and get ready for another one
Get up and take a shower and prepare some coffee or tea

Question 7:Now you left her place and you think about last night and you want the girl as?
Best friend
Nothing, just friends as before
One night pleasure
Soul mate

Question 8:Next day she calls you and says “Oh I was drunk that night and you slept with me, oh my god…” and you will answer…
Hey do you wanna go for a walk and we’ll talk?
Wanna do it again?
I’m sorry, I don’t know…I just did it and you did it too, we both were drunk
I don’t remember a thing that night
I’m so sorry, I’m an idiot…I’m so sorry it was my fault!

Question 9:One month later the whole school went for holiday excursion to Chiang Mai. And one night it rained hard and everyone ran for their tent. But accidentally the girl you slept at prom night came to your tent because it was the nearest to her. And once again, only you two alone in one tent. What will you do?
Do nothing.
Of course, it’s great chance. She is wet and I’m wet. **** her.
If only she asks me for it, I’ll go for it,
Talk slowly and persuade her and go for sex together.
Just have small chit chat,

Question 10:And somehow you two were doing it and didn’t realize that rain had stopped and then a teacher steps in. You will…
Stuck in big embarrassment and stop
Gently blush and stop
Continue doing it….
We weren’t having sex anyway
Stop immediately

This Quiz has been designed by JPD, Executive proffesor Egi.