What Game is he playing?
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What Game is he playing?

Boys can sometimes really freak us out! Do the test and find out what game he is really playing...

Question 1:What was the sweetest thing that he's ever said to you?
What was your name again?
You look fabulous in that dress!
Can you hold my bag for a sec?
I think you're nice as well!

Question 2:He's your partner in the local science fair. He...
...jokes all the time so you two don't get anything done.
...seems to be enthusiastic, but doesn't do a thing.
...cancels meetings and let's you do all the work.
...takes matters into his own hands and let's you sit back and relax.

Question 3:You meet him at a concert. He...
...is surprised you also like this kind of music.
...takes you by the hand and you two rock together.
...stays where he is and watches you out of the corner of his eye.
...teases you about how you dance.

Question 4:He only talks to you if he...
...needs help with his homework.
...wants to know the name of your best friend.
...gathered up his courage for about an hour.
...is alone with you and he can make you compliments.

Question 5:You go out with a group of friends and you meet him and his clique. He...
...says hello quickly and walks past.
...follows you with his group and shouts mean things.
...talks to you and invites you to join him for a movie.
...turns away as soon as he sees you.

Question 6:You fall over his bag in school. He...
...laughs about it with his friends.
...tells a joke to distract everyone from your little mishap.
...suggests the circus to you.
...becomes just as red as you.

Question 7:You're playing basketball with your family, as he walks on by. He...
...joins you and introduces himself to your parents.
...avoids you and continues to walk, quickening his pace slightly.
...watches you for a bit, but disappears just as quickly as he came.
...laughs good-naturedly and speaks to you about your family the next day in school.

Question 8:You tell him you have got a crush on someone. He...
...doesn't care cause EVERYONE likes him.
...doesn't ask who, cause he's afraid it might be him.
...confesses his love for you.
...turns red and starts talking about the weather.

Question 9:You want to dance with him at a party. He...
...pretends he can't dance.
...dances with you and touches your ass the whole time.
...holds you close and dances slowly and affectionately with you.
...suggests a partner-switch before the song is over.

Question 10:You wear a top that doesn’t suit you at all. He...
...makes you a compliment about you beauty.
...says that the top might suit a model better.
...admires your hair.
...asks you if you fish your clothes out of the trash.

Question 11:After you jumped into the pool, you notice your bikini top has slipped off. He...
...screams loudly, "Show us your ****, baby!"
...pretends he didn't notice.
...helps you put it back on.
...looks at you, but doesn't say a word.

Question 12:It's your birthday and when he hears it, he...
...tells you it's his birthday next week.
...makes the class sing "Happy Birthday" for you.
...congratulates you.
...gives you a party hat and dares you to walk around in school wearing it.

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