Only Crushin' (ages 9-12)
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Only Crushin' (ages 9-12)

You're only crushin, not dating. Dose he like you back?

Question 1:Is he interesting, a person you might enjoy talking to?
Oh ya!
He's kinda interesting...
He's kind of a geek...
Are you kidding me?!

Question 2:Dose he smile at you or say "hi" in the hallways?
All the time!
Once or twice.
He just walks past me without saying a thing

Question 3:Dose he apologize extremely after doing something as painless as stepping on your toe?
Yes, it's almost annoying!
He'll say sorry.
He usually mumbles something
He doesn’t even look at me.

Question 4:Have you ever flirted (he says a compliment, you reply sweetly, vice versa)?
Yes, only a couple times.
I'm not really sure what flirt means, but he has complimented me.
Maybe; I don't know!
You're joking, right?

Question 5:Do you know his friends?
Yeah, his friend are great!
I've met them...
I've seen his friends...
He has friends? What friends?

Question 6:You're square dancing in gym. When ask to pick a partner, dose he quickly look your way?
I've never really seen him do it, but maybe...
I'm to busy looking away, I just can't look!
He's looking at the other girl.

Question 7:Has he ever had a conversation with you?
Oh yeah, all the time!
Does asking a question count as a conversation?

Question 8:Is he very polite?
Yeah, he holds the door open and stuff like that all the time
He's polite, not very polite
Not exactly polite, but not rude
He's a punk

Question 9:If you have to be a partner with the opposite sex, dose he come over to ask
Uh huh.
I'm not sure if he even knows my name.

Question 10:What do you like about him?
His politeness, intelligence, and sense of humor.
His teeth! He's the only guy who brushes em!
His hair!
Wait, I actually like him?

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