What Does He Think of You?
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What Does He Think of You?

Wanna know what your crush thinks of you? Take this quiz!

Question 1:When you walk past your crush, what does he do?
He barely even glances my way.
He looks at me but nothing else.
He smiles at me.
He smiles and says/waves 'hi'.

Question 2:Does he have a girlfriend?
Yes, and they seem pretty happy.
Yes, but he doesn't look like he likes her much.
No, but he's going to ask someone out soon.

Question 3:Do you talk to your crush at all?
Yes, all the time.
I've met him, but so far we've only said a few words to each other.
No, I haven't even met him.
We talk sometimes, but rarely.

Question 4:Does he pay any attention to you?
Yes, he always tries to talk to me.
Sometimes, but not a lot.
He stares at me all the time.
No, I can't even get to him to look at me!

Question 5:Have you ever seen him and his friends looking at you while talking in their little group?
Now that I think about it, yes!
Sometimes, but not really.

Question 6:Do you guys have any classes or extracurriculars with each other?
Quite a few actually.
Just one or two.
None at all.

Question 7:Ok...do YOU think he's interested in you?
Yes, for sure. The way he acts around me makes me think that he might be into me.
Not sure. Things are sorta sketchy right now.
Maybe. I consider myself to be pretty attractive.

Question 8:What does he know about you?
Almost everything. We're pretty close.
A few things, but not much.
He knows my name, but that's it.
He doesn't even know my name!

Question 9:Any mutual friends?
Yeah, alot.
A few.

Question 10:Ever have a feeling that he hangs out at certain places just because he knows you'll be there?
I don't know, maybe.
No, I don't see him much.

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