Find Your Hottest Summer Fling
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Find Your Hottest Summer Fling

School's out and you're headed for the beach. What kind of hottie will be slathering you with sunscreen this summer? Take the quiz below and find out!

Question 1:   What kind of snack is in your beach bag?
Slim Jims
Ritz Crackers

Question 2:   You're out buying a hot new bikini. What color is it?
A fun orange tankini that matches your friends'.
A teensy purple string bikini that's HOT.
A green one-piece that's great for bobbing along on your inflatable raft.

Question 3:   Your beach bunch is comprised of:
You, your three best friends, plenty of snacks and music
You, your model friends and most of the men's Olympic Diving Team.
You, the latest Anne Rice novel and your shades

Question 4:   You call your crush to tell him you can't make the party later on. Does he:
Tell you that you're missing out, but he sure as heck isn't?
Say don't sweat it, he can catch up with his crew?
Ask if he can come over to help with anything?

Question 5:   While you catch a gorgeous tan, what are you rocking out to on your MP3 player?
Jack Johnson
Limp Bizkit

Question 6:   After being at the beach all day, you're looking to kick things up a notch for the evening. Are you:
Headed to a bonfire with your girlfriends?
Hightailing it to the Tiki lounge to show off your new tan?
Ordering The Cider House Rules on Pay-per-view?

Question 7:   You hit it off with that hot lifeguard. You drool over:
Those soft brown eyes that light up when he tosses you a smile and a volleyball
The way he offers you his hemp bracelet after knowing you for five minutes.
The way the sun glints off his nipple rings.

Question 8:   Your new fling drops by to pick you up for a barbeque. He's driving:
A Ducati motorcycle.
The latest eco-friendly hybrid.
His dad's king cab truck.

Question 9:   You and your girls are strolling the boardwalk. You're wearing:
a hoodie and a pair of beat up cargo pants.
Some cut-offs and a pair of flip-flops
The teensiest Mini-skirt you could find and your platform wedges.

Question 10:   Your fantasy summer jaunt would be:
Two weeks in Mexico with your two best girlfriends.
Backpacking on your own through Europe
A hot, hot, hot trip to hot, hot, hot Rio de Janeiro

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