The Straight Virgin's Purity Test!

This is a purity test designed specifically for straight virgins (those who have not participated in penetrative sex). However, non-virgins can take it. NOTE: The test will not include any penetrative or anal sex questions...and MOS means, "member of the opposite sex."

  • 1
    Have you ever hugged a MOS?
    Have you ever hugged a MOS?
  • 2
    Held hands?
  • 3
    Kissed on the hand?
  • 4
    Kissed on the cheek?
  • 5
    Kissed (peck) on the lips?
  • 6
    Kissed with open mouth?
  • 7
    Kissed with tongue?
  • 8
    Kissed for at least five minutes?
  • 9
    Kissed in the horizontal position?
  • 10
    Kissed on a bed?
  • 11
    Kissed under the covers on a bed?
  • 12
    Kissed in public?
  • 13
    Been naked with a MOS?
  • 14
    Was the MOS naked, too?
  • 15
    Been undressed by a MOS?
  • 16
    Undressed a MOS?
  • 17
    Been in bed naked with a MOS?
  • 18
    Was the MOS naked, too?
  • 19
    Slept in the same bed as a MOS (family doesn't count!)?
  • 20
    Made out?
  • 21
    Done ear-snogging?
  • 22
    Given/received a "love bite"?
  • 23
    Given/received a love bite in an intimate area?
  • 24
    Kissed someone below the neck?
  • 25
    Kissed someone below the waist?
  • 26
    Have you ever had an orgasm while kissing?
  • 27
    Talked dirty with a MOS?
  • 28
    Talked dirty with a MOS while doing sexual things/kissing, etc?
  • 29
    Had phone/cyber sex?
  • 30
  • 31
    Masturbated to orgasm?
  • 32
    Masturbated to sexual images/films/writing, etc?
  • 33
    Experimented sexually (on your own) with inanimate objects?
  • 34
    Masturbated in front of someone/with someone listening (over the phone, webcam, etc.)?
  • 35
    Masturbated in front of someone in person?
  • 36
    Watched someone else masturbate? (Either in person or over the phone, webcam, etc.)
  • 37
    Had your breasts fondled/fondled someone else's breasts?
  • 38
    Had your breasts licked or sucked/sucked or licked someone else's breasts?
  • 39
    Been masturbated by someone else?
  • 40
    If yes to the last question, did you orgasm?
  • 41
    Have you ever masturbated someone else?
  • 42
    Did they orgasm?
  • 43
    Have you engaged in mutual masturbation (both of you masturbating each other at the same time)?
  • 44
    Have you engaged in kissing while you were doing what was stated in the above question?
  • 45
    Have you ever dry-humped an MOS?
  • 46
    Had an orgasm from dry-humping?
  • 47
    Given an MOS an orgasm via dry-humping?
  • 48
    Have you ever given oral sex?
  • 49
    Received oral sex?
  • 50
    Had an orgasm via oral sex?
  • 51
    Given a MOS an orgasm via oral sex?
  • 52
    Done 69?
  • 53
    Swallowed come/had your come swallowed?
  • 54
    Kissed after oral sex?
  • 55
    Had sex in public?
  • 56
    Used sex toys of any sort?
  • 57
    Fondled someone's bottom?
  • 58
    Had your bottom fondled?
  • 59
    Spanked a MOS for pleasure?
  • 60
    Been spanked by a MOS for pleasure?
  • 61
    Had a guy orgasm on you? (Or, if you're a guy, have you had an orgasm on a girl?)
  • 62
  • 63
    Eaten food off the naked body of a MOS?
  • 64
    Had a MOS eat food off your naked body?
  • 65
    Have you ever photographed a MOS naked, or been photographed naked by a MOS?

Comments (147)


30 days ago
Wow, 83% pure. I expected worse tbh.
39 days ago
lmao im 91% pure lol im catholic so this is a good thing tho
52 days ago
I got 4 percent and im 8 how does that happen but i have had🍦alot lol
56 days ago
Idek why im taking this quiz
70 days ago
I’m 11% pure now since the last time and that was 114 days ago, have lost my virginity already tho
124 days ago
literally it says mos is member of opposite🕊in the description
i got 91% cause i never kissed my ex cause he had gross chapped lips
126 days ago
i got 83% i’m 12 and i’m not surprised
128 days ago
I'm 95% pure, and I'm 19.
144 days ago
got 89% but ik all these things and im obsessed w 😻and hentai and i always 😻 😻

def not a virgin thru eyes and ears but a virgin thru my boday lololol
160 days ago
I got 87% and I'm turning 15 on october lol
163 days ago
I was 100% pure and im turning 13
168 days ago
184 days ago
Took the test like 500 days ago or sommin when I was 12, I’m now 14 and I’m 28% pure :/
202 days ago
So I sent this to my friend and she had 0%
There's no way that this is accurate. Also, WHY ARE THESE QUESTIONS ABOUT PPL IN THE MILITARY?!?!?!?
202 days ago
So I got 100% and I'm 17. WHAT THE ACTUAL FUÇK?!?!?!?
204 days ago
MOS is member of opposite 💑...I'm guessing
211 days ago
omg bro i just turned 13 and i got 28%😭
214 days ago
guys i got 0%%%%%%%%%%%%%%
247 days ago
I looked it up and it says a MOS is literally part of the military?!??? Who has access to someone part of the military?!?!?
247 days ago
I'm 21 and a virgin and I'm 92% pure...and what the is a MOS?!?