How Many Boys Like Me?

If you take this quiz, you will know how many boys like you. Because I KNOW you want to know! What girl wouldn't? Well, OK, many girls don't obsess over this stuff, and you might not either. But still, it might be fun to find out! So let's get started, shall we?

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    Do you ever notice boys staring at you?
    Do you ever notice boys staring at you?

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13 days ago
Nice,,,, you crushed it
23 days ago
IT SAYS I'm a boy's girl and to idek I'm the same
134 days ago
question 5 asks: About how many boys have you ever noticed staring at you?
The options doesn't include the answer 1... ๐Ÿ˜ถ
That's what I got:

You are a boy's girl, and you only mean to play sports and games with the boys. At least that's how it is for right now. Just keep getting out there and having fun! All the boys will soon be eating out of your hand! You'll be able to pick and choose, and that's always nice, right?
The only sport I played with boys was in primary school, where I played with my bff against a boy. When all the class played together I was and am the last to be picked ๐Ÿ™„๐Ÿ˜›.
Also I don't want all the boys eating out of my hand haha ๐Ÿ˜…. (But they wouldn't anyways)
163 days ago
so im a 'boys girl'. im ok with that. but, 'You are a boy's girl, and you only mean to play sports and games with the boys.'. when i catch boys staring at me, i either look away, or stare them down.
164 days ago
they say am im a boys' dream ;)
165 days ago
im lesbian so right
165 days ago
ye no
177 days ago
They said I was a boys dream. LIKE NEVER!!
222 days ago
Haha lol. Says I am a 'Boys' dream'
243 days ago
They said I like to play sports with boys and am a 'Boys Girl' I don't even talk to boys. And playin Huh.. I don't have the courage to walk up to them, Whenever I see some boy staring at I get sooo nervous that I walk away from there as fast as I can.
250 days ago
There's so many questions that are like have you ever dated anyone but I can't date ๐Ÿ˜‚
254 days ago
It said I was a "Boy's girl" whatever that is supposed to mean. I'm highly doubtful anyone has even cared to think of me.
259 days ago
So yes I have had boys stare at me except they were on the streets - I live in Angola right now my parents are missionaries...anyway, I highly doubt I'm a "boy's dream". But the quiz was ok...
261 days ago
I am litarlly planning to marry a girl and no boys like me. I am not a man's girl but apparently I am a boys dream
265 days ago
Boys dream - made me feel a little better since I have been crying all day bc I suffer from SAD and I live in maine.
270 days ago
boys dream! I AM A LESBIAN! but i did want to know XD
273 days ago
Boys dream......... I wish!!!
Lol no one likes me !!!
277 days ago
Apperently im a BOYS DREAM....heres the bad more into ladies my dudes, back off
278 days ago
No offence to the person that made this quiz but one I'm not a player two I'm a blinking huffle puff three my ex is a player and tryed to get me back again and four no offence but have u ever though to maybe make it less well u know mean but in all that I'm fine with my answer just letting ya know
281 days ago
This is all something the divas at my school would say "every boy just adores me" when really they just rude as heck and really nobody likes them. Lol