How Many Boys Like Me? Quiz

If you take this quiz, you will know how many boys like you. Because I KNOW you want to know! What girl wouldn't? Well, OK, many girls don't obsess over this stuff, and you might not either. But still, it might be fun to find out! So let's get started, shall we?

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    Do you ever notice boys staring at you?
    Do you ever notice boys staring at you?

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73 days ago
Apparently im a boys dream blah blah blah FOR FRUCKING PITY SAKES I DONT EVEN HAVE THE COURAGE TO TALK TO BOYS SO HOW WOULD THEY LIKE ME?! i caught a few guys staring at me but it mighta been cuz i waswearing a very form fitting outfit yesterday ๐Ÿ˜ณ๐Ÿ˜
73 days ago
Nah i dont got eyes for any man but my camp crush ๐Ÿ˜š๐Ÿ˜Š

But he lives far far away in a different state ๐Ÿฅบ ๐Ÿ˜ญ
77 days ago
Bruh i wanted to know how many guys liked me and btw some yall girls are stuck up like "im totally a guys dream" like chill we all know we want t be that person but still like dang
134 days ago
136 days ago
boys shouldnt want to be with u only for sex!! if u dont want to keep having๐Ÿ•Šwith them u dont have to!! just break it off! u r a strong independent woman who doesnt need a man!
157 days ago
I'm an english-speaking fox
157 days ago
Does anyone know a river/stream/creek near south Dakota? I'm looking for salmon to eat
271 days ago
im a boy and taked this quiz xd
and im not gay
and i hope someone of u
have a crush on me and
if u stil reading u are gay
345 days ago
I'm a boys dream lol. My boyfriend has a twin brother and one time i mixed up the two hotties and and s** with my boyfriend's brother. I enjoyed them both though his brother was hotter. The brothers hate each other and try to bang me every time, but I enjoy every moment of it. What should I do? They are constantly sticking with me and I cant stop loving them.
351 days ago
why the hell did it put a cop face for fuk
351 days ago
this is so fake, everyone got the same ๐Ÿค answer
400 days ago
skye,I guess you have to choose between your boyfriend and his best friend
406 days ago
434 days ago
This test is a scam!!!! It looks like everyone is a boys dream!! (Yall probably are) but still!
500 days ago
Wanna know how many guys have secretly crush on me
503 days ago
um I got a boyfriend and his best friend and my boyfriend are fighting over me what do I do?
PS his best friend and my boyfriend are not friends no more
526 days ago
It said Iโ€™m not a boys dream

P.S. I think Iโ€™m ugly
527 days ago
You are a boy's dream. You need to keep it up, girl! Because all the boys love you and you love them! Just be careful not to be TOO much of a heartbreaker. It's not nice behavior, and once your rep as a boy-slayer gets around, the boys will stay away.:(

umm i got this it is false btw I HAVE A BOYFRIEND. Im a shy teen and im kind but mean at times because of stupid mood swing if you know what I mean and i only liked 6 guys in my life 3 only in 1-3 then when i moved schools in 4-5 th I liked a guy he liked me back and then he asked me out i said no then in 7th (my grade till end of summer) at the beginning of the school year i liked a family friend umm i was absesed with him but he is ugly and now at the end of 7th grade I got a meh looking boyfriend but i dont care abt that only the personality
538 days ago
Apparently so am i....... *coughs* false *coughs*
538 days ago
It looks like a lot of you are a boy's dream....