How Many Boys Like Me? Quiz

If you take this quiz, you will know how many boys like you. Because I KNOW you want to know! What girl wouldn't? Well, OK, many girls don't obsess over this stuff, and you might not either. But still, it might be fun to find out! So let's get started, shall we?

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    Do you ever notice boys staring at you?
    Do you ever notice boys staring at you?

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1135 days ago
ima boys dreamer😁. they want me?😮 yeah ok😉😙
1145 days ago
U r a boys dream 😚 every boys likes me 🤐
1154 days ago
I is a walking dreamboat🙄???
1155 days ago
im a dream it says but none stares at me so im ugly:-[
1160 days ago
My results is I need a break from the people around me.
1163 days ago
Here is my result: You are a boy's girl, and you only mean to play sports and games with the boys. At least that's how it is for right now. Just keep getting out there and having fun! All the boys will soon be eating out of your hand! You'll be able to pick and choose, and that's always nice, right?
1164 days ago
It is nice, but I need a guy immediately
1164 days ago
I am a guy's dream, so no e
1164 days ago
It is nice, but I need a guy immediately
1176 days ago
I got your a boys dream.... Excuse me? Hell no! One of my guy friends friend called me a potato XD it was funny and I punched his arm
1194 days ago
so imma boys dream XD
1200 days ago
Oki so im a boys dream! Thats good to hear. so hopefully when im ready itll be easy
1200 days ago
I rlly want boys to like me. It gets kinda annoying tho....
1206 days ago
I was not interested here but my friend insisted on me
1208 days ago
I'm a boys dream😚😚
1209 days ago
Hi guys five guys actually like me I don't know what to do help
1209 days ago
I got
'You are a boys dream' hahahaha okayyyyyyy

Avery your not pretty, your beautiful.
1227 days ago
I got

you are a boys dream ((
I have been told I am very pretty
1237 days ago
I got
1241 days ago

What boy hun? 🤔 I smell cap