Love Test for Girls 10-13

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Are you a girl in love and are ten to thirteen years old? TAKE THIS QUIZ!

  • 1
    You are in class and are sitting next to HIM. He smiles at you and asks what you did over the weekend. You...
  • 2
    You are still in class with him. You accidentally drop your pencil. What happens?
  • 3
    Your best friend is talking to HIM and smiling. You think...

  • 4
    How would you describe him.
  • 5
    Do you like someone else, too? Be honest.
  • 6
    You are at a dance. HE sees you alone in the corner. He...

  • 7
    Were you friends in previous years?
  • 8
    Do your parents know each other?
  • 9
    Do you really think he likes you? Be honest.
  • 10
    Did you like this quiz?

Comments (75)


57 days ago
😭😭😭He would never 💗 me... I've done like10,000,000,000 Test and all of the say he hates me or is not interested😭😭😭
286 days ago
I don't even know why I did this, the guy I like likes someone else. It's one of those things where you think he likes you because your close to him but instead he likes the cuter more good looking girl 😢😔
308 days ago
omg good job! I've only asked out my crush once, but he's asked me twice. I'm thinking of asking him again but I'm worried that it'll be the same as last time we dated (we didn't hug, hold hands, ect) :C
365 days ago
i got 99percent so i asked him out and me and antony are happy out all 0f yee should ask ur crush out
576 days ago
we are perfect! uwu IM SO HAPPY!
602 days ago
647 days ago
I am soo relived I thought it would say that he hates me!
647 days ago
I got 40% I need to keep hanging out with him but we are perfect for each other!♥️♥️♥️
1012 days ago
I got a 90%,it says i should keep hanging out with him!
1012 days ago
It told me only 90%,and said i should keep hanging out with him.
1237 days ago
Oops I mean what if -------- and I get in trouble with the teacher etc
1237 days ago
70% we are perfect for each other n I luv tht n all ya know but what abt when we can't see each other anymore💔(cries and cries) what about when u get in trouble with the teacher and schoolboard cuz they don't want us to hang out😭can someone plz give me advice?💜
1249 days ago
I gt 80 percent ... It told me 2 keep hanging out with him but I don't see him anymore
1250 days ago
Wassup yo(24715) I can definitely relate!... I'm also homeschooled, and I only see my crush twice a week... Friday and Sunday... I wish u all the best in ur situation... Mine is near helpless(even though I'm not desperate, since I have so many things to make me happy[family, schoolwork, friends, hobbies, etc.], but I really hope things go well for u😊
1264 days ago
This really made me think! Wonderfull quiz!😀
1278 days ago
Wow this was really helpful now I just what to d do
1281 days ago
Now I know that you like Simon!
1299 days ago
He and I are perfect according to this but you know were best friends and we like the same things. But you know he likes my friend, But I'm OK I have My eye on someone else. we are 50% Awesome together. Bye And know one knows I like him!! yeet!.🤗🤩🥰
1320 days ago
he sometimes pranks me so I think this is a rubish test
1338 days ago