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Does He Like Me Back? (10 to 13-Year-Olds ONLY!)

Do you have this awesome crush who you think is perfect for you? I do! But are you like me, and think that probably he only likes you as a friend? You might be right - or maybe you're WRONG! Take this quiz now and find out for sure which one it is!

  • 1
    Have you guys ever had a romantic moment?
  • 2
    Does he make you laugh? (My crush does!)
  • 3
    I know every single, "Does He Like Me?" test has this question, but does he ever stare at you?

  • 4
    Do you like him? (Plz be honest - I promise I won't tell anyone!)
    Do you like him? (Plz be honest - I promise I won't tell anyone!)
  • 5
    Does he like the same things as you?
  • 6
    If he were chosen to do a project with you, how do you think he would react?

  • 7
    If bear grills could grill bears, how many bears could bear grills grill? (That's really hard to say!)
  • 8
    Is he ever mean to you?
  • 9
    If you asked him out, do you think he would say yes?
    (Be honest!)
  • 10
    Last question - do you know his last name?

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11 days ago
i like this boy but does he like me back
26 days ago
I've had a Crush on Luke for about 2 years off and on. But, last year we almost started to date everyone shipped us, We were the ultimate match, So anyway then one of my friends started to like him. Idk what happened afterward. This year I recognized that he looks at me A LOT.. I honestly thought he stopped liking me but then in my class with him, We had to do a circle trust fall, I'm don't trust someone physically at all.... So anyway, I fell on my friend Em, and she threw me to Luke, I stumbled, and he told me I've got you.. So anyway I'm pretty sure he likes me this quiz says so too..... What do you think??
29 days ago
31 days ago
Hi,society, so I was previously Lovestruck but I changed my name to something cheesy enough so I changed it to Yankee doodle doctor, A name that truly tickled my fancy. I am here for you! literally I am here once every day to check for any people who might need help on something.

44 days ago
That was jokes not homes we tell each other jokes
44 days ago
First of all I'm ten I like a boy who's eleven and we talk we tell each other homes my mom and his are business partners so I go to his house once in a while he teaches me how to play games and I give him games to play so one this I know we have in common is that we both like action and zombie games and there some other things we have in common he sometimes teases me and I feel nervous around him but I act normal outside so that he can feel comfortable with me so does he like me ?(I'm dieing to know)
48 days ago
Honesly i think I’m falling apart cause of a boy but i don’t want to embarrass my self by asking him out and being reject cause i know i will be rejected
49 days ago
i went to the movies with him today i tried to held his hand he won’t let me he didn’t say anything i knew he wanted to hold hands.
53 days ago
And thanks for the good advice cow
53 days ago
Btw hi lovestruck
I m also 11
53 days ago
Yeah but... how??
I m like
Not the kind who does that
I m supposed to be a prefect and I think the teachers won’t be so happy
I think maybe just friends may do
But I still like him
I don’t think I am making any sense
54 days ago
I think you should go up to him and try to get things back to normal to make him like u more. Good luck!
60 days ago
Guys help
So here’s my long story: I really like this guy in my class. Yeah so one afternoon I was like going home with my friends. I purposely choose that particular route cos he goes that way too, u see. Then my friend went up and was like hey u know *my name* limes u
And then there was like so many other classmates there, and they were laughing. Well, that guy already has had a “girlfriend” (we are still in primary school!) and they “broke up”. I don’t think they liked each other anyways. So then I was like no what the f and then the next day it was just awkward(we were lined up side by side cos of height). Saaaddd we used to talk all the time and had “arguments” but it was, like, nice. But it’s over. Idk how to get his attention back. There’s kinda like many rumours. So far he’s had maybe 5 “crushes” already. Idk what to do pls heeelllppp sad life :(
Thanks :3
62 days ago
Ahhh i haven't commented for forever!
70 days ago
So I like this boy he’s in my music clas he’s super funny n nice he’s complimented me and whenever I walk by he always looks at me till I pass him so does he like me?! I have his number But the only reasons I know he might not is because he never starts the convo or continues a convo and I just figured out recently that he likes my best friend so Idk and now he’s moving to Florida but at least I have his number 😩
79 days ago
Well I guess my only advice to you Lovestruck would be like I said to inquire about your crush's games and show interest in the things he does, you know, to make him feel appreciated. Try to befriend him if you haven't already, which may be a little hard if he is two grades behind you (don't quote me on that). And if you notice that he does more than half of the crush-related things that these types of quizzes list, then things will look up for you guys I'm sure. I wish you lots of luck btw and sorry about the mix-up once again, as you know I am a blonde so bare with me lmao.. hope that helps :)
79 days ago
Ohh that makes sense, sorry for the misunderstanding.
80 days ago
Florida Blondie- Dude, first off i'm 11 and my brother doesn't play WITH him like on the same team cuz my brother is 3 years older than me so instead when he has a game I sit up at the concessin and stalk him from a distance. *sob
87 days ago
Lovestruck if you are interested in my crush story I've copied and pasted it here for you btw:

I just took the test and am REALLY shocked (in a good way) at my results. I just wanted to give you guys some insight on my story so that you could see why. So in 8th grade about 2 months after school started I came to notice this guy in my Algebra class... His name is Tyler. He was tall, tan, athletic-looking, and handsome... I couldn't help but stare at him. We started to talk every now and then, Tyler had P.E. right before 6th period Algebra and I had science before 6th period Algebra. My science classroom and the gym were near our next class, so me and him usually were the first ones to make it to Algebra. Many times Tyler would come up to me and tell me jokes before the bell rang, which must've made me blush like nothing else lol. I began to seriously like him at that point. So, one day I come into my 5th period science class and sit by my friend Karen and we start talking. She brought up the question of if I like anybody, and of course I had to spill the tea of me liking Tyler. Karen said she knew Tyler because he rode on her bus, and she said she could help me out. Well, the next day I walked into science class Karen was sitting in the back of class and she shouted "Heyy I'm really sorry, but Tyler said he hated you." I was heartbroken. I asked Karen, "What? He said that?" "Yeah," she said. "I asked Tyler how he felt about you and he said I hate her." That day I was doing a group project in science and Karen and my other friend Hailey were in my group. We were building a roller coaster, but all I could do was sit down and replay what had just happened. I have been through quite a hard life of disappointment before but nothing hurt more than what Karen told me about Tyler. And that's when I broke down and sobbed. Karen stopped taping our roller coaster and grabbed me up in her arms. She told me that Tyler was a jerk and that he doesn't deserve me, but honestly, Tyler has a heart of gold and I don't deserve HIM. That's why I was so shocked to hear that he said he hated me. I knew I didn't have much time to wipe my tears before I'd have to see Tyler in Algebra next period, and coincidentally a yearbook camera girl came in our science class that same day and chose me, Karen, and Hailey to be in the yearbook picture haha. So fast-forwarding to 6th period Algebra class: I came in early and sat in my usual seat in the corner, and put my head down and waited for the bell to ring. I heard Tyler come into class; he was his usual happy self. I picked my head up and grabbed my notebooks, but then the unexpected happened... Tyler came up to me (he looked concerned) and asked me if I was crying last period (in science)... I said no like he got the wrong girl, but he looked in my eyes and said yes you were. He stood there for a second like he was apologizing without words, and then walked off. I really wanted to just come clean, but really I was too scared. Fast-forwarding to march, when spring Track & Field season starts :) I signed up for it, and later I found out, so did Tyler! We didn't run together much because I'm a sprinter and Tyler prefers the field events, but Tyler always high-fived me after every race I ran and asked what place I got (usually 1st or 2nd). Since the school year was ending soon, we had lots of homework and final exam reviews to catch up on. Well, another unexpected thing happened... Tyler came up to me one day and asked ME if I wanted to work with him on our homework. I said, "Sure!" But it wasn't a one-day thing... we did this like everyday for about 2 months until our final exams. We sat together (it's cute because he'd always pull a desk right up to mine and sit next to me) and we'd do our homework and talk... we often teased each other and laughed a TON. It was perfect. I guess we looked like we were a thing to many people in the class because people started shipping us, which I agree we should be together. Tyler actually had a girlfriend at the time but I wasn't offended; after all, he was giving me so much attention that I felt like I was his girlfriend anyway. And in 9th and 10th grade me and Tyler have had at least one class together, so we remain friends to this day. Even though it's 2021 and Covid-19 hasn't gone away quite yet and I am a virtual student and Tyler is in-person, Tyler has been contact-traced and he's talked to me on the Zoom chat so we still catch up. So what do you guys think? Do you think he liked me at the time EVEN though he had a girlfriend? Please tell me because I'm dying to know :) P.S., sorry this is so long but at least it gives you the big picture :) Thanks!
87 days ago
Also Lovestruck, don't worry about a 2 year age difference between y'all, that's not a big difference. Also sorry I thought you said YOU were in 1st grade but I just realized you aren't lol. Anyways, I hope the best for you and the boy you like