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I Wonder If He Likes Me! Middle School!

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Find out if your crush likes you back and if you should go out with him! This is based on my past experience.

  • 1
    How often does he talk to you? It doesn't count if he asks the date, time, or assignment. Sorry, Sista!
  • 2
    How often does he ask you for help?
  • 3
    Do you notice him raise his hand around you a lot?

  • 4
    You and your friends are horsing around and he strolls over to talk. There is a little mishap and you fall right down. What does he do?
  • 5
    How much do you like him on a scale of 1-4
  • 6
    If he found out he liked you, what would he probably do?

  • 7
    Let's say your BFF is his recent ex. How does he act when he hangs around the both of you?
  • 8
    Do you feel awkward around him? Does he act nervous
  • 9
    Does he take your stuff, run off with it, so you will chase after him?
  • 10
    What color are his eyes?

Comments (47)


55 days ago
sooo this is my story. um i like this guy that all my friends think that he's weird and ugly but like he is like popular and i think he cute for some reason and like im friends with his friends since we were all in the same period and it was like we were this big group of cool kids. (i guess i can say that im popular since well im like friends with everyone) And so recently well we started to talk um more alone and like recently, (this is weird) well he like tells me everything that happens with him and one time he got lollipops and he was all like" u want one" , and im like sure and then he like left . And i think its sweet that he ALWAYS says hi to me when he see's me and like he always says bye to me when he leaves and its funny since like everyone says he stares at me but like im kind of loud. and another thing is that he just comes over to me when im with my friends and comes with excuses and the funny thing is that he just talks to me and his friends, NEVER to other people. SO DO YOU GUYS THINK HE MIGHT LIKE ME?
104 days ago
This isn't really accurate it said he doesnt like me but I think he does no hate the quiz was good I'm only doing for fun
187 days ago
this test was okay...some of the questions are weird and the result wasn't really accurate. it says he doesn't even know me but in real life he's actually a good friend to me
231 days ago
ok soo took this quiz 3 times and got different explanations flor all of them. THEY WERE THE SAME ANSWERS!
309 days ago
Where is the "it's awkward, but not nervous" option, we are friends because of a group we are in, so it's awkward but we talk about the group stuff all the time
448 days ago
Yeeees queeen sooo true. :(
453 days ago
I like him but am i too young to be inlove
530 days ago
uuuuh we're gay and lesbian-- he has a bf and have a gf-- his bf is my gf's ex--
531 days ago
I wanted to see if this worked so i used my boyfriend for it and it said he likes me so i guess it works but idk im sure there are many scenarios it wouldn’t work in. Anyways good luck everyone who came here with a crush! Im sure they like you back and if not there’s always more people out there i know you’ll find the one someday!
603 days ago
I didnt take the test but i wanted to say you are loved. You are special, important, and if he doesnt like you back u find you another one dont waste ur time on that one specific person. :) Hope this made ur day
641 days ago
Meh this quiz was okay. Someone the questions were things that had nothing to do if he likes me or not. Like his eye color... HOW IS THAT GOING TO AFFECT IF HE FREAKING LIKES ME OR NOT. And it also gave me a 50% and it said he doesn’t even know I exist but that’s wrong because last year my locker was right next to his, we were on the same Vollyball team in gym, and he gave me m&m’s. I would give this quiz a 3.5/10
668 days ago
i rly hope he actually likes me! i just realized i have feelings for him ahhhhhh! 😱
684 days ago
it says 90 precent he does like me 😁:)♥♥
773 days ago
Yos he like me
WAI... of course he like me we’ve been bffs since kindergarten!!!!!!!!! Plus he goes my church!!! And if I went to a school (I’m homeschooled) My mom would send me to pcag and I would be in his class
783 days ago
This was so fake! It gave me 40 percent and said he does not even know me! He is one of my friends! I went back to see my answer choices and they were completely different than what i chose! SCAM!!! :(
816 days ago
wth i know he likes me bc i found out but THIS quiz says he DOESN'T EVEN KNOW ME

i want to cry ,-,
844 days ago
30- HUFF- PERCENT?!!! ;-; Bye, dreams.
888 days ago
I took this and it just makes me more nervous because he knows and I want to write a note on Friday asking him out but I'm scared he will say no or stop talking to me and I really don't want that to happen cause he makes me really happy
918 days ago
i took this test because i thought he likes me because all of that tenson between us ?!?!
948 days ago
I got a 40% but these quistiens aren't even realistic.