Does He Like Me? (Girls Ages 12-16 ONLY)

Just about every girl has that special someone she thinks is interested in her....I'm sure you do, too. But IS he interested in you, or are you just imagining? Is he giving you nice looks one day but the next, you search his eyes and see nothing? Find out here how he feels!

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    To start off....

    Have you ever caught him staring at you?

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6 days ago
I had that crush, we went to the same school. (I had a crush on him from 4th to 6th grade, now I am in 7th grade.) When he first came to our school (he came in 4th grade) I didn't pay any attention to him. My friend liked him, but she kinda told it to him but they never dated. Anyways one day, he came up to me and said hi. We started talking. I made him laugh, he made me laugh. He was super sweet. He even complimented my hair and my eyes ones. When we walked while we were talking, I think that he tried to hold my hands. He went and stared into my eyes and moved his hands closer to mine. Sometimes i cut him staring at me in class. That continued for one and a half years. I never had the courage to tell him, because I have a bad experience with admitting my feeling. (When I admitted my feeling to another crush I had, he told the whole class and I felt so embarrassed...😔). So as we grew older he made some new friends, and started ignoring me. When he walked at the school year alone, i said hi to him and he just ignored me. He stopped coming up to me. I was sad, but I never told anyone that I liked him. At the first one and a half year, one friend of mine, (she hanged out with us sometimes) started saying that he likes me.

I really thought that he liked me back, but I am not sure. Now we are in middle school, but not in the same one. I still miss him, his sense of humor and his kindness. I think that the reason he stopped paying attention to me its either because of his new friend (o find him a jerk ) or because I suspect that after some time he started liking my bff. What do you think? Should I have told him? 🤔 Back then I didn't have his number, but now we have a group chat with all our old classmates. I don't talk with him there, be that on private chat. But now its too late to tell him how I felt. I don't think it even matters anymore.
11 days ago
S.J, maybe I shouldn't be saying anything because I'm not a boy😂, but☝🏾 I don't think text is enough. You need body language. That's the most blatant way to tell if a guy likes you. For example, he may act shy, or stutter, or just different in general. Or he may try to flirt or get your attention by teasing. Text isn't enough. If you know him in person though, compare the way he acts with you in person and in text. Also compare how he talks to his friends versus how he talks to you.
(I hope that helped a bit😄)
11 days ago
$ylinaWasHere...Giiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiirl you better tell him. If he starts all conversations then that's already enough proof that he likes you, at least as a friend. Also, if he's really nice he'll probably open up. He won't be mean if he rejects you, which won't happen unless he's taken or doesn't want a gf.
11 days ago
ShortyForTheWin, I say tell him. Guys show mixed signals a LOT so you can't know for sure that he doesn't like you back...It's worth a shot. Even if you get rejected, I think it was worth it because at least he knows how special he is or how much you mean to him.
15 days ago
Need some advice please!
So I’ve liked my guy best friend for a little bit now. But I decided to give up on him since I don’t believe anything will come from it. But it hurts a lot surprisingly... He will sometimes seem like he likes me, and other times not at all and so I think it’s best to give up on him even though I still like him. Any advice guys?
17 days ago
Tbh we are already dating
18 days ago
@Classifie 79159 how can do ya know if a guy likes you over text
18 days ago
for question 5, i wish we could pick at least 3 or 4 answers
21 days ago
Classified - Could you give me some advice on my bf?
21 days ago
I am a 15 year old boy and if anyone needs help I would love to help them on this
35 days ago
I'm pretty sure i already am that stalker girl tbh, but i wanna actually become friends with him, maybe even more, i just wish he liked me back
39 days ago
I told him I liked him yesterday and I was blushing soooooooooo hard.
42 days ago
To sylinawashere - u definetely should! wth r u holding back? if he doesnt think u like him then he will move on!! start a conversation and talk to him often- hopefully yr relationship will develop from there and he will ask u out!
48 days ago
Ok im like super upset bcs i got moved swim groups with 3 practices left with all my friends and 3 practices left to carpool with my crush with no way to contact him or my other friends im rlly mad
49 days ago
Hi kids! I need help i just recently started liking this guy he's tall, cute, literally his personality is the thing that makes me love him more. He's complimented my hair once and my jacket but that was the first day we met. After that, compliments are something he never says anymore, I only have 2 classes with him. I also had a dream of him trying to hold my hand and flirt. I am friends with his friends and i don't wanna ruin my friendship with his friends. He usually starts our convos. I never do. Infact ive never started a conversation with him. Hes extremely sweet literally my dream guy! So what do u think?
49 days ago
Should I go for it? I don’t have the guts help!
51 days ago
So I Really Don't Know If He Likes Me But He Said He Has A Crush On Me
51 days ago
Ok, so Ben and I are no longer friends anymore and when we had the mask break by the track in civics class today I was talking to some of my friends and I said,"Yeah, Ben and I are no longer friends anymore." My friend Mckayla asked me,"What happened?" I said,"Oh, it's because Ben had replaced me as his best friend forever and he still hasn't even apologized to me about it." Then my friend Taylor said,"At least you've still got Brett as a friend." Then my friend Brett said while I was around,"No and shut the f... up." Then I walked away shaking my head with my hands up and said,"Woah, woah, woah I can't believe Brett just said that." I mean, my friend Taylor had a point and Brett basically told her to 💗.
55 days ago
Hi so i have this crush that ihave had a crush on for so long my parent use to joke that i would have to marry him when we were younger but now im 13going on 14 and i cant stop daydreaming about him when i was 11/12 itold him i liked him and was wondering if we could date and he said when we are older?i said yes and he said he would think about it but now im stuck at home we cant go out at all(have a high risk family member) and he calls some times and i invite him to some vertual things he goes and we usually talk afterwards but he has not menchend any thing about it again when we use to visit we would be hanging out and my sibling would shoot him with a nerf gun and he would fall on the couch and i wold stare at his face he would open his eyes to stare back then he would smile at me and get up anotjer thing that happened was that i had brought my new dog over to see his new dog (same kind ) and i was taking my dog out after they peed on th floor (puppys) he ran ou from the living rom and said he would take out his dog with me so we went outside together and it was snowy and i triped and kind of feel he graped my hand to help meup then wouldent let go (i did not mind) he is 14going on 15this year but not intill december but i cant stop thinking abou him i even have his picture under my pillow lol

am i a hopeless case should i find some one else ?
i was also kissed by some one else as well but they don't know eachother and i kind of like that person but love this person nexst time i see boy1 should i kiss him ?if so how ? on cheek on lips or what and should i do it private or when we hug?
56 days ago
So my crush we carpool to swim so like these reasons might sound weird but when were running late to practice we get our own hand sanitizer instead of our coach giving it to us and he always will give some to me first. He also said he liked carpooling with me. We can also talk about practically anything like i was talking about my friend causing my cap to fall off (again sounds weird) he was laughing.