Does He Like Me? Quiz (Teenage Girls Ages 12-16 ONLY)

Just about every girl has that special someone she thinks is interested in her....I'm sure you do, too. But IS he interested in you, or are you just imagining? Is he giving you nice looks one day but the next, you search his eyes and see nothing? Find out here how he feels!

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    To start off....

    Have you ever caught him staring at you?

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50 days ago
Heads up i have like him for almost 9 months
50 days ago
Hi! I absolutley love this quiz! I commented a while back please tell me what you think and recently one of my friends told my crush i liked him so has been talking to me more teasing and being nicer to me and we have been playing eye tag more so does he like me p.s. just got his number too
94 days ago

Story 2 happened 4 months after story 1. Also i said drowned(ish) because i was still capable of getting out on my own. My limbs were just weak at that moment.

In story 1 i actually could have gotten a serious concussion bc we were on high(ish) ground. It was like tripping at the edge of land that was maybe 4'9 high off the ground (but a sort of slope) and landing on your forehead.

(I think im commenting too much.)
94 days ago
2. It was at swimming club and we had to stay above the water by just moving our legs. Then probably 5 minutes later my legs just failed. I then choked on the water and I...was drowning(ISH). I then saw a hand (not the teacher's btw). It was my crush's hand. He pulled me out, got my towel, walked me to the bench and asked if i was okay. He then sat next to me for like 4 minutes then went back to his original spot. WOWWWW๐Ÿ˜๐Ÿ˜๐Ÿ˜๐Ÿ˜
94 days ago
So far in my life, i have had 4 crushes and 1 one them saved my life(ish)......TWICE!

1. Our class was hiking(ish), then i suddenly tripped on my foot and almost hit forehead first onto the hard ground. Luckily my crush caught me in the waist....with one arm....and i was 9 (he was 10).

The second part will be on my next comment. Stay safe.
114 days ago
So my crush and I have known each other forever even our parents knew each other before we were born. We talk sometimes and when we do he teases me. He stares at me all the time and he will hold eye contact then look away. I am in leadership at church and most of the time I get there before Him and he sits by me. Does he like me?

I have known him so long but I only actually looked at him as a crush for the first time 6 months ago. If y'all can help please let me know heat I should.
164 days ago

Hm..Idk he always stutters a bit whenever we talked face to face,
but that's bc his english is a little bit bad but it's understandable.
Althought he always looked at me with soft eyes that I thought it was normal,
bc whenever I look at him there's always his soft eyes there,
but my bsf told me it's only when I'm there he looks at me with soft eyes
cause he doesn't do that with his friends.(ยญยญ//>//v//
164 days ago

Ikr, same my crush is like that too!
At school, he's polite, quiet, sorta reserve and shy.
But when we're texting in Insta, he's much more expressive, I don't get him,
he's the definition of confusion.
164 days ago

Hi Ashele,
Idk if you'll see this but since I'm not an expert in love I'll just give you 2 suggestions.

Suggestion A-Try confess to him in the right moment when you 2 are alone
then if he rejects you, keep it casual and accept it.
If you still want to be friends with him
then continue being friends with him while moving on from your feelings.
(Although it's gonna be hard.)

Suggestion B-Ask your friends to notice if there's any signs that he might like you
that is if you'll ever tell them,
or try to talk to some guy friends and see if he'll be jealous.
164 days ago
Btw all the emojis you see= i d i o t
164 days ago
Ready for your result?
From the looks of it, he is very confused right now,
so just keep your eyes open for clearer signs.
I hope he decides he's as into you as you are into him.
Best of luck and thanks for taking my quiz!

What is he confuse abt??
I'm pretty obvious rather isn't he the one who is confusing and an ๐Ÿš”??!

1-I started the conversation first when we talked for the 1st time.
2-I started the conversation first when we texted for the 1st time in Insta.
3-I start every conversation first cause or else this guy will not talk!
4-Everytime we held eye contacts,
I always turned around after a few seconds bc I'm too embarrassed! Hontoni baka!!
5-I blushed a little everytime we talked.
6-I looked at you with soft eyes.
7-I asked your Insta myself, you ๐Ÿš”!
8-Even my friends know abt you bc I talked abt you with them a lot
bc I like you a lot ๐Ÿš” to the point
that it's gonna take me months to move on if you reject me!! You baka!!
9-I wait for your reply even if it takes me 30m, 1h, 1h30m or even 2 hours.
10-I'm always saying hi and bye to you happily.
169 days ago
I forgot to mention that my sisters thing was when she was 15 and she'll be 20 soon, so it's been a good 5 yrs, and she's dated and stuff since then so i'm pretty sure she's over it
169 days ago
could someone please, please, please, give me some advice? so I'm 14, and the boy i fell for is almost 13. my family makes a huge deal about how the guy's always supposed older, but he's really mature. also my sisters first bf cheated on her with his sister, so i don't think my parents like that too much. My sister met him though and thinks that I should totally go for it, but I'm wayy scared she's only saying that and that I'm gonna end up hurting her. I really, really, like him, but I could never do anything that would hurt any of my siblings.