Does He Like Me? Quiz (Teenage Girls Ages 12-16 ONLY)

Just about every girl has that special someone she thinks is interested in her ... I'm sure you do, too. But IS he interested in you, or are you just imagining? Is he giving you nice looks one day but the next, you search his eyes and see nothing? Find out here how he feels!

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    To start off ...

    Have you ever caught him staring at you?

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Oh and it doesn't help when I look at him he is looking at me and then he does his stupid smirk and doesn't look away like WHAT?!?
Me and my crush play fight and tease a lot yesterday we were playing a game and he straight up tossed me over his shoulder and beat me, like seriously HOW!?! He drives me insane in the best way possible and he's smart and funny and tall and just hot, so yeah but seriously he seems to be better at everything that I'm good at and I love it and hate it, I wanna kiss him and roll my eyes at the same time but I got he likes me!!!!! EEEHH!! 😆😆😆
Wahhhhhh he'll never like me
I have a crush on someone but... I think he likes my friend... :(
2 days ago
Nope i did not have him in my group
3 days ago
Yayyyyyyy I have a feeling ima have him for a science experiment tomorrow so that will kinda force me to socialize with him and maybe I will understand his personality more if I talk to im
32 days ago
Hey LostAngel...I know u sent that comment agges ago buutt what do u mean about boys wanting advice? What advice? Advice on how to get a girl or know if a girl likes u?? Sorry just wondering how i cld be able to help😊
97 days ago
My crush is named Brayen, (if you didn't notice the name) and I really like him! It's seriously more than a crush. I really hope he likes me. He has these really cute glasses and they're orange and blue! His hair is so cute! And he's the weirdest goofball EVER. Seriously, I almost had to go to the nurses office, he made me laugh so much!! He has such a funny personality! Whenever I'm around, his friends are always whispering. Whenever they do that he pushes them and blushes. And he's constantly looking at me. His eyes are literally burning the back of my head all the time! I really like him. My friends are always saying he likes me, and I hope they're right
97 days ago
Note in his backpack!!! GENIUS!!!
145 days ago
@chee yeah i get that tension thing. idk if there is something there with this guy or not - i used to think it was like tension or chemistry or whatever cause we made eye contact ALOT. like every time we saw each other. and i saw him looking at me a few times. but he treats me like everyone else and hasn't made a move and has been rude to me instead so never mind lol. if only he wasn't so hotttt tho. hope it works out with daniel but remember to focus on being yrself rather than impressing a guy. if he doesnt like u for who u r, hes not worth it girlie
182 days ago
i have a rlly big phat crush on this guy named Daniel, he's so freaking hawt and everyone knows it, most ppl think I'm rlly cute and that I know of 4 ppl have had a crush on me this year 1 girl and 3 guys, although its flattering idk if Daniel likes me that way, literally every girl flirts with him no matter what and he kinda has a flirty personality too. He's so hot and I feel like there's been tension between us but I dont know for sure
196 days ago
Soooo uhh at first he liked my friend and was all UP on her but then she moved and i started developing a crush on him. Then my friend tells me that he kissed one of my friends but she extinguished that rumor then I was told that he had IT with a girl in the bathroom but ofc I don’t believe it. Finally this past Wednesday I hear from my bestie that he had a crush on our “friend”. I texted him and then my bestie stole my phone and was being really rude. I cleared it up that it was her and this morning he texted me asking if I was upset with him and that he didn’t like her. Now he won’t stop randomly texting me

What do you think?
227 days ago
It's confirmed that he likes my friend thoooo (she liked him last yr idk bout now). My other friend who knows his friend said that his friend (who's a girl and got rejected by him) said she asked him if he liked me and got super defensive and when I asked if that meant he didn't like me m friend said he doesn't? I blush whenever he looks at me because he makes me feel like the only girl in the world. But I'm so sad ughhh can anyone let me k how to get over him or make a move?
227 days ago
I like him so freaking much and we just got put at the same table group. he looks right into my eyes and smiles so cutely!! He's the cutest guy I've ever seen irl
228 days ago
He is soooo cute, he is really popular is always moaning, flirting for fun and is really funny, kind, sweet and polite (when you get to know him.) My friend Z likes him though, he is dating someone called A but i don't think he likes her; also he has dated Z before. According to his friends he has a crush -secretly i hope its me- He is in ALL my classes, i had to stand next to him in a school photo the other day and we were at the top of the photo on this huge wire ladder thing its confusing, anyway i am scared of heights and he was really supportive in his own sort of W way by saying its only 6 or 7ft, look down don't worry you will only fall onto other people lol! I don't think he knows i know this but when i was complaining about being scared to my friend next to me (the other side) i saw him smile and look at me, he also kept putting his arm on the wire fence behind my back but not touching me! Hope he likes me but not sure, what should i do?
233 days ago
so heres the thing i like him but i think maybe i am not sure what to call it friends or mutal friends because i kbow his sister and we are friends. i went to a teme park with her family so idk. we keep doing eye contact. and i hvent told he tho so yeah :- . this quiz was helpful though.
239 days ago
@lol, then dont take the quiz
265 days ago
me (a lesbian) taking this quiz
269 days ago
I really like him but we've had a complicated friendship, so we don't full trust each other. I sometimes catch him looking at me but not all the time. He's pretty awkward. Chances are he doesn't like me but he's sending a LOT of mixed signals
270 days ago
i told him i liked him over text, he said "o" "ok" he has a girlfriend she is sooooooo toxic.