Does He Like You? (Grade 4-10)

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  • 1
    Does he often look at you?
  • 2
    Are you guys friends?
  • 3
    Do you guys hang out a lot?

  • 4
    Does he hang out with you more than his friends?
  • 5
    Do you guys talk a lot?
  • 6
    Do you think he likes you?

  • 7
    Does he laugh at your jokes even though your friends and you think they're not funny?
  • 8
    Does he sit by you at lunch?
  • 9
    When you need help does he come through for you?
  • 10
    Does he hang out, smile, seem to flirt with other girls? And does he laugh at other girls' jokes?

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2 days ago
ha! lol um yea he told me that he likes me and i like him! lol
10 days ago
I got that he”s totally into me and the thing is I already was pretty sure that was the case but I just don’t know what to do. I think I’m just gonna invite him over sometime this week and see what happens. :D
36 days ago
me who is bi and crushing on a girl: o.o ok thx for helping meh-
37 days ago
I got "He's totally into you! He's crushing on you!
Ummmmm, ya I think I know, i'm on of the cutest, hottest, prettiest girl in the class! Of course he loves me. Before coronavirus came and ruined our life, we kissed ( everywhere including the cheek, forehead, arm, hand, neck, ears, like everywhere!), hugged, hung out everyday, laughed together, saw each other everyday at school, played with each others hair, held each others hand, and definatly did some cool romantic, sexy stuff in front of our friends.
93 days ago
wow, everyone so lucky in love, and here i am, dumped before we were even together
182 days ago
Anyone making sure someone doesn’t like you? No? Ok
246 days ago
OK so i like this boy and he keeps staring at me in class and wen i turn around and he quickly looks away so i need help🙏🙏 (by the way his name is landon)
326 days ago
oh i meant that he told his friend behind my back and later on his friend told me about that
329 days ago
so frustrating
329 days ago
ik he likes me bc his friend told me that behind my back(LIKE actually BEHIND MY BACK,
#depressinglife😫) but that was two years ago so now we're in the same school again and idkk if he still likes me altho he has a gf but he always stares at me in the halls....
pls help

ps im a grade older than him 😥
385 days ago
Hmm... He doesn't WANT me to know it but I'm getting his vibe LOUD and CLEAR. *sigh* boys...
540 days ago
😵He likes me but he doesn't want me to know he likes me 😳 Is this my imagination? No? What the...?
564 days ago
Nope he doesn't like me😢.
567 days ago
LillianMae, I like a Nate as well but he is NOT quiet. In fact he's the most sanguine person in my grade!
601 days ago
I like him but I broke up with his BFF about 7 months ago soo I was awkward for about 3 months but then he started to talk to me a lot and laugh and my dumb jokes and tried to show off but idgad about that stuff so yeah I need advice HELP 🙏🙏🙏🙏
610 days ago
Omw,he likes me but he doesn't want me to know it!I mean,that really sounds like Nate.He's pretty quiet...
629 days ago
Did this for my ex crush who everyone says liked me... apparently not. Just👏Because👏He👏Doesn’t👏Sit👏At👏My👏Table👏 Doesn’t👏Mean👏He👏Doesn't👏Like👏Me👏
660 days ago
684 days ago
the last one cracked me up so bad. I fel for the flirt-THE flirt. how could he not laugh at the other girls jokes or flirt with them?

anyhow he probably likes me but ddoesn't nt me to know
744 days ago
This guy flirts with me a lot and I usually flirt back but I don't know if I actually like him anyway I took this quiz to see if he likes me and it said that he likes me but doesn't want me to know but lol I've known he likes for ages.