What is going on?
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What is going on?

Are you confused about what it is you guys are exactly? Are you a couple? Are you just friends? Or are you just fooling around and nothing more? Find out by taking this quiz.

Question 1:How does he act when you guys are in public?
He's real affectionate.
He acts like he doesn't even know you.
He treats you the same as everyone else he hangs out with.
He acts like a friend, but when no one is looking, he'll squeeze your waist.

Question 2:Has he ever taken you out with just you two?
We go out all the time.
We've gone out a couple times.

Question 3:Have you guys ever kissed?
A couple times
Are you kidding? All the time.
We do it when no one is looking

Question 4:What is the furthest you two have gone physically?
Sex and then one of us leaves
Sex and sleeping over
Nothing but maybe some accidental touches
A couple making out sessions

Question 5:How would he introduce you to people?
This is ______.
This is one of my favorite people ______.
This is _______, my good friend.
He doesn't really introduce you.

Question 6:Has he ever brought other girls around?
Once, but she was just his friend.
A couple times he has brought girls around.
All the time. If he doesn't bring them, he'll pick up on them or talk non-stop about them.

Question 7:What would he do if you started to talk about another guy?
He would probably ask about him a couple times, just to find out where I stand with the guy.
Nothing. I have before and he doesn't seem to care.
He would freak. He freaks when I even mention another guy.
He might ask about him once.

Question 8:If you didn't hang out for a week, what do you think he would do?
He would probably call to find out why I haven't been hanging out.
He might ask our friends where I was.
Nothing. He probably wouldn't even notice.
He would call and make sure I was ok the moment he noticed I wasn't around.

Question 9:How many girlfriends has he had in the past year? If you don't know, guess.
Too many to count
One or two
More then three.

Question 10:If it was your birthday, what would he do?
He would probably say Happy Birthday.
He would get me at least a card or something small.
He probably wouldn't know until he was at the party.
He would buy you something like a huge stuffed animal and flowers.

Question 11:If he was a famous person, who would he be?
Fred Durst (Player all the way)
Joshua Jackson (Playful flirt)
Chris Klein (Total lover boy)
Edward Norton (Guy Pal)

Question 12:Lets say that you two were hanging out with your friends and someone asked what was going on between you two. What do you think that his reaction would be?
He'd look confused and say 'nothing, why?'.
He'd smile and say 'nothing. we're friends.'.
He'd say 'She's my friend. Why?'.
He'd blush and say 'why?'

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