Are you ready for marriage?
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Are you ready for marriage?

Find out if marriage is waiting for you or if you should wait. This test will determine if you're ready to spend the rest of your life with this person or if you should wait for the big day.

Question 1:How often does he say 'I love you'?
Almost never
Maybe a couple times a month
Marriage requires love?
Almost every day
Are they suppose to say that?

Question 2:Has he ever cheated on you?
No, he would never do that!
Maybe once or twice
No.......I don't think he has
Yeah, of course he has
We cheat on each other, so it's okay.

Question 3:Has he ever threatened you or physically abused you?
There was only that one time..........
He would never hurt me on purpose
He said that he would never do it again
He only scares me when he raises his hand to me

Question 4:Has he ever forced or pressured you to have sex with him?
I just wanted to make him happy
There was only that one time...........
No, he said he would wait until I'm ready
Maybe once or twice
He gets mad easily and I want to keep him happy

Question 5:How long can you be away from him without missing him?
Should I miss him?
I never miss him
He just never seems to leave, so I cant miss him
I miss him the minute he leaves for the day

Question 6:What was the most romantic thing he's ever done for you?
Asked 'Will you give me the remote?'
Told me to go get changed...he didn't like the outfit I was wearing
He said 'I love you' for no reason at all
He gives me one night a month to go out

Question 7:How do you feel when he walks in the room?
I get kinda scared
No, I feel the same as I did before he came in
Umm, feel? What do you mean?
I feel like everyone else just disappeared

Question 8:Do you two have a song?
No, we don't have a song
He doesn't think we need one
A song? What do you mean, like a dance song?
Yes, we listen to it almost every night

Question 9:Is he open to the idea of marriage?
No, he doesn't like to talk about it
He runs when I bring it up
We haven't talked about it yet
Yes, he is the one that brought it up

Question 10:Does he agree with you on your idea of kids?
Yes, we both want/don't want kids
He doesn't really care
We haven't talked about it before

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