Would I Make A Good (old-fashion) Wife?

Too many quizzes ask, "Would you be a good girlfriend?" They forget that many of us want to be wives! If you ever intend to find your Prince Charming, or simply want to get married one day, you should know your suitability for married life and how to choose the best type of husband for you. It's all right here!

  • 1
    Do you cook?
  • 2
    What kind of job do you do (or would you like to do when married)?
    What kind of job do you do (or would you like to do when married)?
  • 3
    Can you clean and keep house? How is your living area?

  • 4
    How well did you (or do you) get along with your parents? Dad especially?
  • 5
    Do you like kids? Babies? Do you want your own children?
  • 6
    Do you intend to keep lots of pets?

  • 7
    Let's say you and your friend made plans to meet at the movie theater at 6 p.m. It's to be only you and your friend. After waiting for 30 minutes, it's now 6:30 and she calls to say she's sorry, but she's going on a date with two guys and can't make it. You're furious. You:
  • 8
    Let's say you have a brother two years younger than you. You two get along well. He comes home from school with a heartbroken look on his face. He goes face down on the couch and stays like that for at least 10 minutes without moving. Something is not right. You:
  • 9
    How open-minded and flexible are you?
  • 10
    What are your hobbies?

  • 11
    Pick one:
  • 12
    Last of all, what's your favorite color? (Do not underestimate this question - a smart person can tell your whole personality by your favorite color.)

Comments (22)


337 days ago
I'm so happy! I got a good, practical type. :) It's okay to be old-fashioned, guys, so long as it's fair.
778 days ago
wow,it said i would make a really good housewife,i swear i would be a 1900s wife lol,i really love to take care of a family and a house and wear the dress old housewives in the 1900s
1049 days ago
Lol anyone else happy they got good wife?
1055 days ago
She got me so correct! I should have been a girl of the 1950s, I swear.
1230 days ago
Guys, it said it was old-fashioned. Stop judging the creator(s) of the quiz.I
I would rather have this type if marriage than a "modern" now anyway.
1230 days ago
It said I would make a good wife! I really want to get married and have kids some day.
1291 days ago
Its about marriage. What's up with the cleaning, working, cooking stuff ? It appears very sexist to me.
1479 days ago
Oh you're offering emotional closeness, mutual support, compatible interests and happiness? nah bro u can't cook complicated dishes or completely change ur goals.
Also I'm le big gay so y'all are dumb :)
1502 days ago
I really love cleaning and baking and cooking.
1561 days ago
Also this is really stereotypical and sexist.
1561 days ago
Why do you assume that it's he not she?
1605 days ago
This is so sexist just because u can’t cook and ur not the cleanest doesn’t mean u can’t make a good wife
1626 days ago
I got the same as @well that was fun
1664 days ago
im stubborn but tbh all wives r stubborn and so r husbands.
i dont rlly get the point of this quiz cuz ppl can find their own perfect match without the help of this stupid thing. am i right? if u agree then plz send I AGREE thx
1678 days ago
So ummm... This is kind of sexist saying woman only do cooking, cleaning, change diapers, take the kids to school, knit, etc. Why can't the husband do it?
1694 days ago
of you to assume I'm straight
1703 days ago
You will be the faithful and understanding wife: the most practical type. You will go where he goes and do what he does. If he wants kids, you'll want kids. If he doesn't, well, you'll be just fine with that. You are sweet, loyal, faithful, understanding, and will do fine with almost any type of guy, as long as he loves you and is kind to you. Make sure he is a kind person. Any other kind will wear you down to nothing over time. Possibly, the sweet, sensitive and artistic type is for you! He'll love you for your flexibility! Great I am so glad that all I have going for me is my flexibility.
1784 days ago
You, I'm afraid, are probably not the type who should marry. You're independent, like to have your own way, and are stubborn. Not that you're a bad person, of course, just I wouldn't like to see you divorce many times in your life, so... do yourself and the guy a favor and stay single unless you feel extremely strongly otherwise later on. Travel the world. Write. Grow a garden. It'll do you good.
1841 days ago
I'm a dude, but apparently I will make a good wife
1843 days ago
Nice but I hope it will come true one-day