Marriage or No Marriage that is the question
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Marriage or No Marriage that is the question

Don't know if you doing everything right. Taking this test might help you decide on it that special someone is worth it!

Question 1:If you and you partner are arguing about something petty, what would you do?
Tell them it's pointless and make up
Tell them what they want to hear
Leave cause you know the argument will never be over!
Continue to scream to try and get your point across

Question 2:If you made plans to go somewhere and your partner don't know what would you do?
Lie and say that these plans just came up
Try and explain why you should go out
ask your partner is it anything they want to do with you
See if your partner has something going on and if not make sure it's okay, it's out of respect!

Question 3:If you and your partner have a child together and both of you have plans what do you do?
Try and work something out
Tell your partner they should cancel there plans
Try and find a babysitter
both of you cancel your plans and spend quality time together

Question 4:You don't like some of your partner's friends what do you do?
Try to get along with them so everyone can be happy
Tell your partner the reason why you don't like there friend and ask them not to hang with them so much
Say it's me or them
Start arguments about this friend enough times your partner leaves them alone

Question 5:What would you do if your partner had family down for the weekend and they want to go out?
Tell them you don't think it's fair for them to leave there family that you hardly know with you
Say ok
Ask there family is it alright that they go out?

Question 6:If you are in a relationship and you know you are hurting your partner how would you solve the problem?
Tell them you are sorry and you will try not to hurt them
I wouldn't hurt someone I love
I would try to sit down and discuss it with them to let them know it's not intentional
I don't care they will get over it

Question 7:If you told your partner several times not to lie to you and they continue to do so what would you do?
Leave them
Find out why they lie to you
Nothing cause you lie to
Tell them it's to protect them

Question 8:What is romance to you?
Cards, candy,flowers, candlelight, jucuzzi, dinners, beach at night, watching the sunset etc
Renting movies and watching them
I don't know
Just saying I L-O-V-E U!

Question 9:What does loving someone mean to you?
I don't know what love is
Missing them when they not there, doing whatever it takes for both to be happy, keeping promises, never hurting them intentionally, telling them they are to precious to cry
Just saying I love you
Making out with them, being there for them physically

Question 10:Do you feel you will score high on this test?
Don't care

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