At What Age Will I Get Married? *FOR GIRLS ONLY*

Most people want to get married eventually. Some people think about it all the time! If you're one of them, right now, end the suspense of when it will happen by taking this quiz! P.S.: This is just for fun, but if you like your result, I hope it comes true for you. If not, sorry, and remember: It's just an internet quiz, 'K?

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    Suppose prom's coming up, but you don't have a date yet. Who would you ask?

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4 days ago
In my late 20s thats good
113 days ago
I got late 20s :DDDDDD
165 days ago
I got early 20s...that's what I was hoping for! Yay!
432 days ago
I got early 20's too! im so happy!!!! i hope i do get married in my early 20's and my parents got kids later too lol
500 days ago
I stopped at question 7, im lesbian and it said what group of GUYS do you usually date
551 days ago
I got early 20’s yay I’m happy because my parents had me and my siblings late so yea and I wnag kids in my early 20’s woo I’m happy for the future
600 days ago
Psycho Kitty same! Early 30's
667 days ago
This is amazing I am getting married at 18 and it is true I did this quiz a year ago and look now I am 18 and it is my wedding day tomorrow. This cute guy called Mat he prepossed to me in Paris. 2 months ago and also I am pregnant and I was in labour yesterday I am out now and I got a girl and boy called Alexandra and Henry. Stay safe xoxox
693 days ago
At what age will I get married
724 days ago
Late twenties. Im glad, i want to settle down and get a good career first, but i still wanna have kids
749 days ago
I'm getting married in my late 20s!I hope it is to the boy that we both are in love💜we seriously love each other
753 days ago
I'm getting married in my early 20s! Yay!
810 days ago
Looks like i'm getting married in my early 20's!Yay.
833 days ago
I got in my early 20's yay.........
846 days ago
I got early 20’s which is when i want to get married so :)
863 days ago
i will get married in my late or early 20s
889 days ago
And I want to have kids in my early 30s
889 days ago
I know you're anxious to know your result so you can plan your life, so here it is: You'll get married in your early 20s. Unless you're past those, of course - in which case, it will be later. ;) Hope you like your answer, and remember - it's not 100 percent sure you'll do what an internet quiz predicts. Don't be in such a hurry to give up your freedom to do whatever you want.

Not too long then !! I want to get married in my late twenties though
893 days ago
What about gay people for the first question
901 days ago
bold of youv to assume that i beleive in god or have friends