Is He Going To Marry Me? Quiz

Are you wondering if the guy you're with now is the guy you will eventually marry? It's the eternal question for women in committed relationships.
Find out your answer right now - take this quiz!

P.S.: If you're really young, you are most likely not going to get married anytime soon.

  • 1
    How often does he tell you he loves you?
  • 2
    When he's around both you and his friends, what does he do?
  • 3
    When it comes to your future together, you've talked about:
    When it comes to your future together, you've talked about:

  • 4
    What do you talk about?
  • 5
    Do you love him?
  • 6
    How often are you together, just the two of you?

  • 7
    What do you do together?
  • 8
    Has he asked you to marry him yet?
  • 9
    Can you see yourself with him for the rest of your lives?
  • 10
    How long have you been with him?

Comments (131)


67 days ago
I love my bf but Im to young Im only 12 and he is 13. and I loved him before I met him he is a dream guy he opens and hold doors for me. He complements me all the time. He is to nice to me. we have hugged and kissed loads and had cuddles and I was talking to him today when my best friend comes up to him and goes "In the future do you see yourself marring Chloe and having kids with her and moving into a house with her" and he goes.................................... ........YESSS

I'm nervous and excited for my future!!!
141 days ago
It's official: You guys make a great couple!

You have enviable chemistry. I definitely see you getting married and having kids (if you want) before you know it! I hope this is the answer you wanted to hear.
576 days ago
Hey I am in love but I'm to young I'm 28 and I like boys 😏
576 days ago
Natasha are u boy or girl 🤔
612 days ago
i am in live but i am only 9 but the quiz said he will marry me
672 days ago
I love him he loves me too but not ready for marriage.
691 days ago
We are friends now but I love him a lots so I want to know that he will love me r not, I want to marry him
754 days ago
oop the glitch tho XD
754 days ago
I love him sooooo much and I can't wait to talk to him today, we definitely getting married when we're adults ;))
815 days ago
I love my boyfriend and he loves me too and we are gonna get married and have kids and have our own house together in the future and my boyfriend is only 12 years old and I am 14 years old and I can’t wait for my boyfriend to propose to me
896 days ago
Do you think he'll marry me
...his ex is really beautiful and am very jealous
899 days ago
Im gonna get married to my gf i love her
899 days ago
I live my my bf I think he is going to propose any day know ❣️❤️💕
899 days ago
I love this guy but im to young im only 12 and he is 13. and i loved him before I met him he is a dream guy he opens and hold doors for me. He complements me all the time. He is to nice but I don’t date him he is really out of my league though and I can’t date im too young i have known him for a while and dreamed of a guy about him for every such a dream i hope he likes me too
899 days ago
Im in 8th grade now this is also in covid to save any one the trouble of doing the math of 129494 days or something crazy like that
899 days ago
I have liked him for since the start of sixth grade that was two years ago at the time he was dating someone and he told me that if he wasn’t he would be dating me but he was dating my friend she they where dating of two years and she just didn’t like him any more at the end of sixth grade i spent the year trying to get over him say to myself he’s just you friend then around the start of seventh grade my friends started shipping us i had to brush it off like I didn’t like him bc I didn’t want any one to know I secretly liked him though i spent the year getting closer to him i we became best friends he tells me alot and i do to but he doesn’t know that i am struggling with depression my parents don’t even know I call him alot now and i talk about everything i also help him by taking pics of the notes and sending them to him bc COVID online classes we are in all the same classes this year and we text at lunch and sometimes during class I always hope he is on my zoom screen so i can see his face i think about every day and he is the last thing i think of before i go to sleep we have listen to music together i hug him all the time and we tell each other about pretty much everything he missed school yesterday because his sister died and aside from admin im the only one who knows when i read the text it took my breath away because I knew that his sister was his best friend she was only 30 something i just want to be there for him and i tried to call him today after school but he didn’t pick up and i just took a bunch of online compatibility test and we passed them all he didn’t know cause I filled both parts out i want to tell him how i feel but im only 13 but it has been two years and i love ❤️ him i can see my self marrying him and having kids and dying in his arms when im 110 but he has no clue
900 days ago
noooooooooooo why i am not
901 days ago
Thank you so it true.omg
908 days ago
WOW. Were made for each other I took like 100 tests about are we made for each other and wow were an amazing couple but again I'm only 13. I found my soulmate yaayyyy.
908 days ago
My crush is the best but I'm only 13 so I can't date yet. However were really close friends I told him that I like him and after that he darted acting weard in a (I love you) kinda way. Should I alteast open up to him? I know he likes me because he gives me signs!